Bishop Schneider Compares AL To The Arian Crisis.


Bishop Schneider’s French is slow, but accurate.

The entire interview is interesting, but the real meat on the grill is from 6:20, when the interviewer asks what to do if Francis does not answer the Dubia.

Bishop Schneider’s answer is clear: then it is the Bishops’ job to restore order. Note, here, that the poor man has already abandoned any hope that the two surviving Kitten may do what they promised they would.

This is followed by another intelligent question: will this, though, not engender a schism?

Again, the Bishop’s answer is very lucid, and it is a bomb:  we are already in a schism of sort, he says: one in which the schismatics are in unity with the Pope, but not with Christ. What this means is obvious: the Pope is, whilst factually still  in charge, in a de facto schism with all his predecessors.

The attacks to corrupt bishops that follows closes with a beautiful statement of Catholicism: it does not matter how many prelates try to peddle a false Gospel,  both doctrine and discipline will never change because they are divinely instituted.

The Bishops addresses here a point that I myself, in my little sphere, have tried to make: a false doctrine is not a change in doctrine, a perverted discipline is not a new discipline.

It is important that we get these concepts right, because words are important. You must never engender in those who listen to you the impression that doctrine can be changed or discipline can become heretical. What we are witnessing now is an obfuscation of doctrine and a perversion of discipline, not their modification.

A transvestite is not a woman. He is merely a pathetic fake, a grotesque attempt at imitation.

Francis presides over a Trannie Vatican, insulting the teaching of the Church everyday as it abuses its office and allows countless degenerated to scrounge an existence at her costs.

Thankfully, the Church is indefectible, and She will survive this just as She survived the Arian crisis. An event, the latter, which, having no precedents at all, must have seemed to the contemporaries far more terrifying than even the crisis we are witnessing now.

The truthful Catholics in those times kept soldiering. We do exactly the same.






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  1. I had the great honor of hearing Bishop Schneider and meeting him at the Catholic Identity Conference in West Virginia in October of last year. I was impressed. I hear that he will soon be visiting the ‘Pacific Northwest’ area soon (Vancouver BC, Seattle WA, Portland OR, being the main cities here) and I will again attend if at all possible. It is so important to add numbers to any appearance at this time when there is so little else the average Catholic can do to demonstrate agreement. I’ll listen to this video, also. I was skeptical at first of the good bishop, but he has chosen to be in the forefront of the resistance and I salute him for that.

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    The good bishop says that the entire Church must pray for the pope so that “he finds the knowledge and courage….”, ie, he’s dumber than an ox and a very weak ‘man’.

  3. Excellent

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