Obsessing With Abortion. No, Not Francis….

Trump's decision to appear live at the US March For Life shows once again a handful of very evident facts:

1. This President is way more Catholic than the Pope. As Francis invites us to “not obsess” about abortion, Trump actually does exactly that.

2. Trump engagement in favour of the Unborn is more than a mere slogan, as such a hard pro-life profile is not sure to bring him additional supporters. This is a man of integrity keeping his word, not an Auntie Merkel saying what is convenient on the day.

3. The cowardly US Bishops relentlessly working against the most outspokenly pro-life President since the Gipper show that they do not care about the unborn, and are perfectly at ease with the pro-death agenda of the Democratic Party. This, with the excuse of their socialist-spectacled decrying of “social injustices”.

4. The unborn US babies are, mostly, legal US citizen in fieri. Too much Stars and Stripes for the Democrats and their Bishops, I suppose. They prefer to let these oppressed, innocent US Citizen (in fieri) die, and prefer instead to import illegals from (let us say this again, because repetitive iuvant) shithole Countries, who then proceed to Somalise and Haitise the US as much as they can, perpetuating the power of the Democrats in the process.

5. Thank God for President Trump.



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  1. Last year’s Planned Parenthood report is out. Over 320,000 abortions performed in the US. Worth obsessing over, I believe.


  2. It is a shocking scandal, what can words even do to describe this Hellish situation in which we find ourselves.
    We have a pope who is a dedicated anti-Catholic. An apostate. A heretic. He hates us, he hates anyone who follows Jesus Christ and who adheres to Catholic teaching and tradition. We can’t say much about why his Cardinals have refused obstinately to defend Christ, the Church and the flock, but, they haven’t, with a few notable exceptions. The many protests and concerns of a handful of bishops, some priests, the laity, ignored and not only ignored, derided, as soon after a new insult will follow, as they dismember the faith piece by piece.

    This man comes along, with a background and temperament that makes him uniquely able to stand up to the unique culture in America, often hostile to Christians and Christianity, and to traditional American values. He’s a confident, experienced, bold capitalist, and he could live on the interest alone, in a vast holding. Instead, he dives into politics, with no experience whatsoever, and, against all possible odds, and with the entire media complex lined up against him, as well as the entire Democrat party, Hollywood, virtually all educational elites, and even the weakened Republican party, he wins. It is simply unbelievable, if we didn’t see it happen. It’s ridiculously unlikely.
    And how does it turn out? The millionaire/billionaire, turns out to be a champion of not only Christians and Christianity, but Christendom! Listen to his Poland speech to hear the words of a statesman. He gets it! He understands, cares, about the existential threat against Christendom! He not only understands it exists, he wants to help. US! He defends the unborn, the ones who nobody else in politics cares about, the little ones who can’t vote, but he cares. He rescinded the Mexico City policy, one of his first acts as president, which stopped America from funding abortion around the globe. This was what made the evil Lilianne Ploumen receive her reward from the pope, she raised millions to fund abortion around the world.
    And THAT is why Pope Francis awarded her that very high Vatican honor. Shocking.
    We have an astounding level of demonic activity flowing out of Rome, right from the Chair of Peter. We have no Cardinals, no Bishops, who have done enough, to call this man out for his satanic attack on Christ, Our Lady, the Church, the faith, the people.
    Yet, for some reason, we have President Trump, who is now going to take the unbelievable step of actually attending the March for Life? Presidents don’t historically DO this. These are truly astounding days, days we could be given almost to despair at certain moments, but, God is still with us, He has not abandoned us. May He come to our aid soon.
    May God be praised.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Very good news that Trump will be at the March for Life, especially after the jackals in the press gang up on him.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

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  5. AMEN!! ……When the President of the U.S. is more pro life than the Pope!! An AMAZING turn of events!!

  6. Yes, thank God for our President Trump. I just love him!!

  7. So true. Thanks for keeping things clear and straightforward. God bless.

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