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Sic Transit Gloria Francisci: Meet The Self-Absorbed, Neo-Pelagian Newspaper.

Hit by a newspaper.

I admit: I would have preferred a foul tomato (a better picture too on the white papal robe); still, I will gladly settle for the newspaper. Quite funny, too, seen how the mainstream press has flattered the man for now almost 5 years: Finally, a newspaper that actually is useful for something!

Still, besides the effect of an ass taught some manners by a newspaper, the fact remains that Francis' stellar incompetence has made him the target of both Catholics and anti-Catholics. His brilliant way of appointing bishops based on favours and personal symphaty, united with his propensity of keeping questionable bishops in place just because he likes them – or just because he can – is now causing fire from multiple angles.

Francis has lived for too long on the almost unlimited cachet given to him by his extremely elevated position. But he has also relentlessly worked on the demolition of his prestige; not only with his stunning incompetence and favouritism, but also with his wanting to appear one of the people, which at some point will have him treated exactly like that, including newspaper treatment. When you say to everyone that you are one of them, don't complain when they treat you like they would every other person. There are worse things that being pelted with a newspaper btw; like, say, martyrdom or prison.

Some of you might say that physical violence on a Pope is a mortal sin. Normally I'd agree. However, I would have my doubts whether this qualifies as “physical violence”. Besides, we must all admit that a Pope sabotaging the papacy in such an unprecedented way might justify unprecedented defensive actions. There has never been a Pope like this one, and perhaps the rules of engagement should take account of this.

Hated by Catholics and anti-Catholics alike.

You don't believe it?

Come on, haven't you… seen the newspaper?


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