Sex, Lies And Stupid Popes

Horror Show receives a gift...

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive…

The PR stunt of the “Francismarriage” on the aeroplane in Chile is revealing more and more elements which, alone, say a lot about this pontificate. What I remember on the spot is:

1. The two were concubines. No trace of repentance, living separated in preparation of the marriage, etc. Mortal sin as it lives and breathes. Isn't it fun?

2. The two had actually planned to marry, but an earthquake which took place in… 2010 prevented them for doing so. For more than seven years, you understand. Boy, these South American Earthquakes have quite the after effects. Cela va sans dire, the two did find the time – earthquake or no earthquake – to go live in sin and give public scandal. Cue a non-judgmental Francis not caring a straw for the Sacraments and for basic decency, as always.

3. The stunt was presented as a “spontaneous” act, but was in fact carefully planned. What a fake, hypocrite, dumb, reckless liar of a Pope we have! So fake that he lies to you in order to promote his image, so stupid that he doesn't realise his lies will be unmasked in a matter of days.

Really, how wrong can a person get something in one go? This is Guinness-worthy. The man has actually exposed himself as a cheap, stupid liar for the sake of two days' headlines! A seven – year – old with some smarts would be a better liar and, very possibly, a better Pope.

This Papacy has become like those cringeworthy spectacles in the circus of the last ocentury, those meant to make people be horrified and fascinated by the same horror they felt: the Cannon Woman, the Bearded Woman, the… Clown Pope!

I don't know for how long Francis' Horror Show will go on. But I tremble at the thought of the pit very probably prepared for this man in hell.



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  1. Not to worry, Mundabor. Francis can get more wrong. His Horror Show continues.

    Your very own Marriage and Family Life Office in London has prepared a Guide to get out of marriage following Francis’ instructions: Special Edition: NBCW Guide To The Annulment Process 4th Edition

    There is a cartoon depicting an elderly couple getting it on romantically which I find priceless.
    It really illustrates what divorce/annulment/remarriage is all about. You are never too elderly to act like teenagers in luv. No matter how old they get, how paunchy, balk, dyed, botoxed, rickety, injected, testosteronized, plasticized, they think they have sex appeal.

    They have STDs epidemically is what they have, and Francis should point that out.

    My grandmother would have died a thousand deaths. Harry and Meghan must be ashamed. Even Henry VIII was too smart for this, and Thomas More must be shifting in his graves.

  2. This couple have two children. Were they baptised in a Catholic Church? If so, did the priest enquire into their marital status? Did Pope Francis?

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