Cowardinal Burke

Cowardinal Burke has given another yadda yadda interview – he does this once every couple of weeks now – and has, very pointedly, shut up about what he intends to do considering that Francis has not answered the Dubia.

It appears to me that the answer to this is “nothing”, and that the Cowardinal will only give interviews to people who agree to not ask him when the heck he is going to whistle after wetting his lips for many months. The latest interview – no link, because a waste of time, and the Cowardinal does not deserve the time of day – is notable mostly for this: that the interviewer does not even pose the question.

This goes to show on the one side how toothless certain “Catholic” journalism is, and on the other side how dumb, or confused, or outright clericalist the mainstream Catholics are: people who, after such an astonishing refusal to stand for Christ, made much worse by the grandstanding that preceded it, are happy with the usual hot air the Cowardinal keeps dishing them instead of asking of him that he do his darn job day in and day out.

Seriously, I am done with this guy. I despise him by now almost as much as I despise Francis, and more than I do the other Cardinals who are just as cowardly as he is, but do not try to let you believe anything else.

It is bad enough when a Cardinal shuts up in the face of papal attacks to Sacraments. But when a Cardinal has made himself beautiful with the faithful posing as the guardian of orthodoxy and then blatantly refuse to do what he has announced many times he would do, this is much worse still.

Meet Cowardinal Burke. The man who announced he was ready to be a hero, turned out to be a coward, and still wants to give interviews and get a place in the sun because he once was a paper tiger.



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  1. I agree. This type of prelate is more scandalous to me than the Bergoglios, the Cupiches, the Kaspers. And more dangerous i think…is it not from this type whence comes the diabolical disorientation?

  2. Bravo, M! Well put. I’ve had my suspicions about Burke since his days as the Archbishop of St. Louis, when he essentially bullied a Polish parish over land and financial assets. According to a 19th century agreement, the parishioners could own the property and assets while the archdiocese appointed the priests and the lay boar. When the archdiocese attempt to co-mingle the assets into a trust managed by the archdiocese, the parishioners refused to relinquish the assets, so Burke removed the archdiocesan priests. The parishioners got somebody else to say Mass, and Burke declared the parish to be in schism. When the archdiocese sued, a St. Louis circuit court ruled in the parishioners’ favor.

    People who enjoy wielding power over those of lesser station generally don’t have the courage to confront superiors. That’s true regardless of whether they wear cassocks.

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