Fake News, Francis Edition

And it came to pass the Unholy Father had to spout his own dumb, banal lies about “fake news”, as it seems there is no political issue about which this cretin thinks that the world does not have to listen to him. As expected, the stupidity of the man is mind boggling.

Fake news need discernment to be uncovered, he says. How do you discover fake news? Simple, says Sherlock: they are those news who are divisive and sow discord.

This is dumb – and.. fake news! – even for Francis' standard! Being controversial or difficult to cope with for some says nothing about it being truthful or fake. If I say that Pope Francis spreads and promotes sacrilege and heretical thinking, this may be controversial, but it is certainly not fake!

And we see here where Francis wants to have you: his criticism of “fake news” is nothing but an invitation to ignore the truest news of the last years: that we are plagued with a vulgar, short-tempered, impious, sacrilegious, Church-hating Pope doing all he can to damage Christ and His Church.

Is this controversial? You bet. But if you think that this is “fake news” you may be even dumber than Francis.

Nor does this astonishing dumb propaganda end here. The man also thinks that the role of the journalist is not merely to “break news”, but to spread news that further understanding and harmony among the people. Apart from the fact that not even a child of six is impressed by this bout of effeminate emotionalism, the consequence of the thinking is that a falsehood that encourages “harmony” (say: “Pope Francis is a wonderfully Catholic Pope and everyone loves him”) would be “good news” even if patently false. But once again, this is what the man wants: that journalists shut up about his endless gaffes and scandals because it promotes harmony.

I don't know if this man has become entirely senile because he has always been stupid and it is difficult to tell. But one must say that this level of stupidity does justify the question whether an already stupid man is being left by even that little quantity of grey matter he had.

Pope Entirely Demented would be, no doubt, a huge improvement on Pope Francis.




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  1. By his own standards, his words are “fake news” because they don’t promote harmony with… me. “Isolate, divide, and oppose” seems exactly what HE is doing to orthodox faithful.

  2. The uncharitable, hyper-emotional language about Card. Burke isn’t really necessary, is it? And Is it impossible that he has worked behind the scenes, and that he senses that the timing is not yet right? He, Card. Brandmuller, and Bp. Schneider remain out front, but it has to be done the right way.

    As for Francis, swing away as hard as you can.

    • This is emotional and illogical.

      If it necessary to “swing away” at Francis it is logically obvious that there can be no excuse for those who keep being silent.

    • The timing thing is the lamest of excuses. The man said himself from January 2017 on every day could be the right one. He is one year late.

  3. My career has involved working with people with dementia, and at no time has he appeared to have those characteristics. Whatever causes this man’s words and actions to be so vile, they cannot be attributed to senility. He is not confused, blank, muddled, he is purposefully directed, and his goal is destruction. Unfortunately for us, he’s actually quite good at it. The men who hate God and hate our Church and hate Catholicism and hate tradition, knew what they were doing when the elected this pustule to the papacy.

    • I honestly doubt a man so unsubtle about his subversive news can be considered good at it. However, I acknowledge the fact that his is true stupid thinking instead of dementia.

  4. It seems Pope Francis might have a sense of humour!

    “Where there is confusion, let us inspire harmony; where there is ambiguity, let us bring clarity,” Pope Francis said …. “

    *cough* *cough* *cough*

    “We can recognize the truth of statements from their fruits: whether they provoke quarrels, foment division, encourage resignation ….”

    He is joking, right?

  5. I am starting to believe that South America is not just a different continent but a different planet. I think he really believes the insanity of liberation theology, which was supported by so many disillusioned, spoiled American clerics. As Kathleen, I don’t see dementia. I see deliberate, intentional planning. And he needs to be resisted.

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