The Google Disease

Never celebrated by Google. But Virginia Woolf is....

You see all sort of rubbish celebrated on Google. Earth day and such nonsense. You also see some “minority” religion being “celebrated” (say: Hanukkah, whatever that is…). You see all sort of secular icons also remembered. What you never see is a celebration of the number one religion on earth: Christianity.

This morning, Google “celebrates” Virginia Woolf. A lesbian, so-called “free spirit” who ended up committing suicide, Virginia Woolf obviously has great credentials with Google.

Sadly, this mentality leads to the slow erosion not only of religious feeling, but of ethics. The constant celebration – and excuse-making – for all sort of wrong behaviour makes your mainstream reader think less and less about the Four Last Things, and more and more about the “normality” of aberrant behaviour, which is then either justified as heroic or in some way praiseworthy or excused with “mental illness”, another piece of bogus science of our times according to which you can consciously decide to commit the greatest blasphemy of all but somehow it isn't your fault because you were depressed or, you know, very, very sad.

The people at Google know all this. They know it and they promote it, subtly but relentlessly. They celebrate and justify everything but Christianity, and they celebrate particularly those whose live is a testimony against Christianity.

Google is a carrier of anti-Christian germs. Avoid it and try to prefer search engines like DuckDuckGo every time you remember it.

You don't want to be at risk of infection of Google Disease.



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  1. I see Google as the engine of the Totalitarian, “1984” Deep State; if not now, soon; an informational vortex run by really smart lefties with a plan. But, I do not know how to avoid Google.

    Thanks to you, now I do. DuckDuckGo. Tested it, and it works great. Nice interface, too. Bye, Google. Thanks Mundabor.

  2. Some days ago Google celebrated a Communist propagandist, Eisenstein:

    This puddle of leftism is no longer hiding.

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