Meet Cowardinal Eijk

It seems to me that a new breed of cardinal is being bred.

The new type of cardinal is blind, deaf and, alas, not really perceptive.

Cardinal Eijk (this is one of the thirteen and of the eleven; those Cardinals who sign letters and write books, but are nowhere to be found when real action is needed) evidently lives on Planet Three Monkeys, as he asked Francis – without, apparently, any intention to be funny – to clarify ambiguous statements in Amoris Laetitia.

The mind boggles: it is as if anyone asked Henry VIII how his beheading of Fischer and Moore has to be interpreted, because it send ambiguous signals, you know.

The strategy seems to be to pretend that one does not see reality, and hope that the faithful buy it.

Well, I don't buy it. Cowardinal Eijk is another one who is trying not to do his job.

His job is to wake up already, denounce Amoris Laetitua as heretical, and demand that Pope Francis recants or is faced with the call for an extraordinary council to put him under trial.

Everything else is of the devil.

Including this utterly ridiculous pretending that one does not understand what Pope Francis means, after an apostolic exhortation, countless public utterances, a letter to bishops and a publication of the same letter in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis so that the dumbest Cowardinal gets what is expected of him.

Enough with these pathetic hypocrites. Be a Cardinal already or resign and go back to be a priest in your parish.



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  1. Then there is Cardinal Zen. Refused a requested personal audience with Pope Francis to deliver a message from Chinese Bishops in the Chinese underground persecuted Church, he waited in the cold general audience line in St. Peter’s Square with all the other petitioners, and delivered his letter that way. Just one of the many Faithful.

    Cardinal Zen wears his red colors with honor.

  2. At least he concludes: “Of course, we have the words of Christ himself: that marriage is one and indissoluble. We cling to that in the archdiocese”. It can be interpreted as a pinch to Papancho.

    By the way, see the new Francispeak Abridged Dictionary:

    “Il Vocabolario della Chiesa Accogliente”

    Misericordine® a.k.a. Funnel Law (the wide part for him and his cronies and the narrow one for Prometeans Neopelagians like us) does not appear because it is a registered trademark.

  3. I don’t see enough Catholics pointing out the error and cowardice of these cardinals. You’re one of the few, which is why your blog is on my Feedly app. Too many Catholics say: “if the cardinals are confused, then so am I. Who am I to judge? I’m just an ordinary person and I just follow the cardinals. Maybe the times are a changin’, and divorce, abortion and homosexual acts are okay now.” This is like saying the dog ate my homework. As Catholics, we have a duty to know the teachings of our Lord and if the cardinals and popes contradict those teachings, we have to point it out – we can’t just follow them into Hell.

  4. You are right, Mundabor, hearing the endless repetition of calls for “clarification”, when the evil clown has completely erased any hope that he is faithful, is like endlessly watching “Groundhog Day” believing it will end differently!

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