“Veritatis Gaudium”: Francis’ War Against Catholicism Rages On

The latest production of the Evil Clown's Catholicphobic mind is a new document giving instructions on how to better ruin Catholic faculties and other institutes of higher education, and make sure that Catholicism is substituted, for as far as practical, with the new mantras of the secular world: social justice, environmentalism, redistributionist rubbish.

The rhetoric is deafening, with a repeated call to baldness in… not being Catholic. It is, in fact, as if Francis were saying to his main audience (those who hate Catholicism) : “see? I am still your darling! I might protect a bishop enabler of child abuse whenever I like the man, or the man is loyal to me; but please look at the big picture: I am as environ-mentalist as Al Gore, as Socialist as Bernie Sanders, and every bit a bitch as Angela Merkel! You gotta love me!”

Thankfully for us, the propaganda is so open, so shameless that it does not need an intelligent reader to understand what is going on. Basically, Francis is doing the work for us and exposing himself as a faithless subversive without any need for long explanations.

This man cannot die one day too soon. Let us hope that the Lord, who is punishing us in the most fearful way for enabling 50+ years of V II-ism, will soon put an end to this utterly obscene Papacy and give us a successor that is, at least, recognisably Catholic.



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  1. Thank you Mundabor for all that you do on our behalf and on behalf of the Faith. I am a convert of 35 years’ standing but I have learnt more that really matters from you, I think, than from just about any other writer, and have certainly received (and continue to receive) more encouragement and resolve from your postings than from any other source, in resisting this unspeakable papacy.

    Many people must have written to you before in similar appreciation but I just wanted to add my two cents worth in saying how much your help really does matter, the more so because the isolation on the ground here is pretty much total, with everyone else in my parish continuing to hold, in the teeth of all the evidence to the contrary, that the situation in the Church is just dandy.

    Thank you so very much also for your various articles on Catholic doctrine and dogma. These have been especially valuable.

    Anna Campell (Berkshire, England)

  2. But how shocking to see even in his blatant anti-Catholicism, he is not opposed in the slightest! The only opposition he gets is here, right here, and in other Catholic blogs. He knows it too, and it is some small satisfaction to realize how galling it must be to him, to know we are beyond his reach. He cannot intimidate us! He cannot threaten us! We owe him nothing, he does not pay us, we do not rely on him for anything, and we are free, free to call him out, free to criticize him, free to identify his heresy and apostasy for all to see!
    There is some consolation in being outside of the giant machine that is the Church right now.
    He can silence them, but he cannot silence us, as we spread the word to as many fellow Catholics as we can. Modernist! Heretic! Apostate! Universalist!

  3. Let me not forget one of his most accurate labels, homosexualist!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels he cannot die one day too soon. I think his best bet would be a slow painful death that would at least give him opportunity for final penitence. could be the only way his soul could be saved.

  5. Bowling used to be a great way of releasing my frustrations, but this brought a big smile to my face.

  6. Do you really think we’re going to get someone better than Pope Francis when he dies? Look at the whole Cuia/Magisterium…there aren’t enough men to even vote in a good Catholic Pope, next.

    • I think we can at least hope.
      For once, the way of the Lord and all that…
      But also, I think many of those cowardinals still can’t stand him and his style..

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