Minimi Pope Is Not The Answer

The call has been made for Bishop Schneider to call an “imperfect council” which, according to many – and to yours truly – would be authorised to declare Francis self-deposed as pertinaciously heretic.

I agree with and like the idea, with certain conditions.

As I have repeatedly written, I think that the duty of every Bishop bad Cardinal is to condemn Amoris Laetitia, accuse the Pope of heresy, demand that he recants or call for the convocation of an imperfect council to declared him self-deposed.

However, it seems obvious to me that this imperfect council must be credible as being a true representation of the Church.

It is true that that a majority does not make the truth, and there would be no need to have a majority of bishops participating to this council. However, it can also not happen that five or six, or even ten or twenty, bishops gather together, declare Francis self-deposed and proceed to elect an alternative Pope barely noticed by the world at large and ridiculed by even most orthodox Catholics.

The Church is the Church, and if it run by a heretical Pope, well we have the same situation we had under John XXII; a Pope who, even after he announced that did not want to impose his heretical views on the entire Church, continued to believe his heresies and professed them until the day before he died. Honorius, Liberius and Formosus created similar situations. The Church has survived to this day.

The factual circumstance that sufficient numbers are gathered for an authentic imperfect council is not so important as is the witness for all future generations that, even in the darkest times, the true Catholics remained true to what had been transmitted to them. The Church does not need us to survive a heretical Pope. But it is our duty as Catholics to give witness of sound Catholicism during such times.

It makes no sense to try to dislodge Francis with a mini-concil of twelve, or twenty-five, bishops ignored by the planet. But if makes sense to start the call, and keep the call alive for as long as it takes, for numbers sufficient to mount a powerful challenge to the heretical church hierarchy: such that the next conclave (and, if necessary, conclaves) will be dominated by the fear of what could happen if the orthodox opposition gets traction and starts to become a real, powerful challenge.

It does not make sense to mount a short-term challenge that is necessarily self-defeating. It makes a lot of sense to mount a challenge echoed all over the Catholic world, starting from the blogosphere, and going on and on and on until the imperfect council happens or things improve dramatically.

The visible church will always be the true one, however plagued.

Minimi popes are not the answer. Our relentless fight for the correction – with God's grace – of this mess is.


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  1. I believe you are completely correct on this. We cannot demand a council just so that we ‘feel’ as if we did something. We need to think, and realize that there will be sustained effort required. Frankly, I cannot imagine Bishop Schneider agreeing to this call. He is a very smart man, as well as patient and prudent. We certainly need to pray for him, and all involved, and continue to voice our concerns. There really is momentum growing; I hope it is lasting.
    God bless you, M.

  2. Roderick Halvorsen

    Alas, does it not seem clear that by the time the numbers reach that which would be a good witness for the future sheer biology will have already solved the immediate problem?

    And that is indeed what I suspect what keeps Bishops from lending their voices to the call.

    Such a cynical calculation is, I fear, what defines Catholic prelates in our generation.

    • Not sure it will help.
      Firstly, because it will most likely send to hell the Cardinals who haven’t spoken. Secondly, because the more time the ma is in charge, the more bad cardinals we get.
      Popes used to live for short times when life expectancy was lower, or persecution raged. This did not prevent the bishops from going against Marcellinus.

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