Cardinal Marx Should Be Defrocked Yesterday.

Cardinal Marx is on record with one of the most satanical attacks to Holy Mother Church ever perpetrated by one of his members in 2000 years. Why the man is still allowed to exercise his priestly ministry is beyond me. This man should be defrocked yesterday.

Cardinal Marx proposes a do-it-yourself theology concerning the “blessing” of “homosexual couples”: the local priests looks at the two fags – or dykes – in question and decides whether the “circumstances” of their case (just thinking here: they help the Polar Bear Cub, and are oh so nice) justify their “union” receiving a “blessing”.

I so miss the Inquisition.

The do-it-yourself theology that the Cardinal is proposing is, very clearly, a proposal of complete and utter demolition of Catholic theology and, with it, of the Catholic Church, because even a retarded Aleteia reader understands that this equates to a free-for-all where every parish priest decides what goes and what not, and to what extent every kind of public scandal and obvious immorality can be “blessed”.

This is not even the proposal of the foundation of a new religion. This is the proposal of the foundation of as many new religions are there are parishes, with the advantage of continuing to collect the Kirchensteuer to the tune of billions of euro a year.

Cardinal Marx is every inch an enemy of Christ and His Church as the eponymous Karl. He is merely proposing to destroy the Church from the inside. As they say: Nomen Omen, “(in the) name (is the) destiny”.

Actually, if Karl Marx himself had become a Cardinal, it is difficult to think of a more efficient way of proposing the complete destruction of the Church.

But I am being silly here. In Karl Marx' time there was no Aggiornamento, no interreligious dialogue, no strange discernment and there were Catholic Cardinals.

Cardinal Marx must have lost the faith not years, but decades ago.

Every day this is allowed to continue as a priest is a shame for the Church.



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  1. Nicholas Mitchell

    I take consolation from the fact that he will spin out eternity for all eternity in exquisite paroxysms of agony. But yes he should be excommunicated vitandus (revival whereof is overdue) yesterday. Place Deutschland under interdict while you’re at it. For starters. As an example. In happier days they’d have been burnt at the stake.

  2. When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, he didn’t pause to wonder how he should respond to his dancing fellows, worshipping Satan around the Golden Calf; what would be appropriate, pastoral, helpful, charitable.

    He instantly broke God’s Tablets Of stone in a fury. He burned the calf; ground it to powder; scattered it in the water; made the “heretics” drink their own poison. Then God swallowed up the unfaithful in an earthquake. I presume he initiated all this alone. Just Moses, and God. That is enough. And God’s remaining people were healed.

    The golden calf, built by “Aaron” stands there in its ugliness. The people are dancing around it. What do you do, Priests? Worship it? Ponder it (what does it really mean)? Or knock it off its pedestal with a sledge hammer, perhaps all by yourself?

    This is judgement day. “Choose you this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord”. Stop pondering the destruction of holy things, and God’s Faithful. Act!

  3. Fat Marx is stupid and lunatic. Give up.

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