Francis, The Pedoabetter


A strange phenomenon has been happening in the last days.

Francis' Papacy has been plunged in its most dramatic crisis since that disgraceful day in March 2013 not by his support for adultery, his attacks on the sacraments, his airing and abetting of homosexual priests, or his thousand blasphemies and heresies, but by one of the few issues by which the Catholic mind and the secular one both react in a strong way: the cover-up of child abuse.

It would be ironic indeed if a Pope so entirely married to the secular world were to be taken down by the same world he so eagerly tried to please, and for one of the few remaining behaviour which the secular world still manages to condemn.

I hope they cut him to pieces, pieces so little that you can make bolognese with him. And I think we all should help in making this happen.

In your blog, in your comments, in your tweets and Facebook entries, shoot on this man without mercy: he deserves none of it, and the sooner he is made mincemeat of by all kind of both Catholics and secular outlets, the better for the Church and all of us.

Put the guy through your very own keyboard meat grinder. This is what he has deserved.



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  1. Homogoglio is a shameless minion of satan. I am not sure anything you do will have any effect on him. Mostly because his handlers are interesting in propping him up so he can completely and utterly destroy the Church. All the way until mission accomplished. We need to count on a providential intervention to destroy the biggest heretic since Luther.

    • I am absolutely sure nothing I will do will have any effect on him.
      But this is no reason not to do it.
      Yes, I also think at this point it will divine intervention, not slow recovery of sanity, that will get us out of this.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    It seems providential that Francis the Humble has revealed his true colors and disdain for the rest of us in unmistakable terms that even the corrupt secular media cannot miss.

    I found a youtube channel today that I think is new and has some very funny (sadly true) videos on Frank himself. Here is a sample which refers to Francis’s “Rabbit-gate” remarks:

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