For FrancisChurch, Communism Is The New Catholicism.

The perversion of the Church these days is epitomised by the statement of a high Vatican prelate, Archbishop Sorondo, stating that these days, the Chinese Government are those who best understand the social doctrine of the Church.

I don't even know where to start.

Even if this were, absurdly, true, the fact remains that the Chinese Government is an atheist, anticlerical one. Plus, their one-child policy has already caused dozen of Holocausts piled up. None of this seem to matter. If Hitler had been very big on social doctrine, would today's Vatican have supported him?

But even the absurd premise is just that: absurd. By definition, the social doctrine of the church is strongly opposed to communism, socialism and every form of forced wealth redistribution. Therefore, the archbishop is talking nonsense anyway.

The truth of the matter is, in short, this one: the Vatican is run by sympathisers of Communism; by people so atheist and so corrupt that they choose to wilfully attack Catholicism in order to promote Communism, and so damn stupid that they try to persuade you that Communism is the new Catholicism.

This is FrancisPapacy in simple terms: down with Catholicism, and let us support every godless government that supports our communist agenda.



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  1. I’ve read Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno cover to cover. Neither papal author said anything about pointing the muzzle of a tank at a peaceful protester.

  2. I’ve long considered the USCCB as Communists. When something this outrageous is said publicly though, that Communists best understand the social doctrine of the church, where the hell are we.
    Forced late-term abortions happen in China, women dragged screaming into clinics and their babies murdered. Babies are thrown into deep pits like garbage. We all know the outrageous human rights abuses of Communist China, and this is Communism’s legacy around the world and throughout history.
    For an Archbishop to make such a statement tells us all we need to know, when combined with this apostate pope’s horrific actions and statements. We see he has surrounded himself with these destroyers. These men are demons. We need a revolution.

  3. These fellows seem like they are trying to outdo one another in the trashing of the Church. One or the other of them, or all of them, are moving fast enough to crash and burn. But not fast enough to suit me.

  4. Kathleen, cleaning house is in work. All evil, corrupted, sexual perverted, traitorous people of all levels in secular world and in churches have been exposed already. Deo gratias.

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