“It Is Very Bad Indeed”. Chronicle Of A Burning Pontificate.


Well, when even the Catholic Herald throws you under the bus, you know you are really in trouble. 

Please read the entire article, which seems pretty well-written to me. The most important parts are, however, below: 

At this point, there are four possibilities: Collins and Cruz are both lying about the letter; Cardinal O’Malley gravely misrepresented the diligence with which he discharged his promise to deliver it directly to Pope Francis (though Collins has expressed full confidence in him on several occasions); Pope Francis received the letter and did not read it; Pope Francis received it and read it, only to forget about it.

Yep. And as no one believes the first two hypotheses, and the other two are devastating in their show of Francis’ arrogance and disregard of the plight of the afflicted, “it is very bad indeed”.

Even more illuminating is the last part of the article, which is at the same time an indictment and a drawing of conclusions: 

The known facts of this case and others constitutive of Pope Francis’s record in these regards bespeak a style of governance in which the man at the top is more inclined to listen to fellow clerics, than to victims: to believe bishops – ones with skin in the game, to boot – over laity who bring credible allegations of clerical misbehaviour; to trust his own “gut instinct” even when it is informed by the opinion of interested parties, and to compound this imprudence with the self-delusion of self-reliance in these regards; to believe he can manage the crisis of clerical sexual abuse by way of gimmicks like the powerless Commission for the Protection of Minors he set up between 2014 and 2015 before ignoring it and allowing it to expire; to blame underlings and hide behind cavils of law, rather than face the filth in the Church squarely and fight it without ruth or stint.

This is a pity portrait of the man we have learned to know and hate in the past years. It is, also, the way the most important Catholic publication in the UK states urbi et orbi that they are fed up with the man’s antics, and refuse to try to cover him or provide justifications that, evidently, can’t be found. 

What is the takeaway of all this, according to the Herald? Is is that

a candid mind would not be incapable of concluding that Pope Francis is not only part of the problem, but that he is the problem.


Francis’ papacy is burning, and it is the duty of every decent Catholic to take stand for Catholicism, and contribute to the excoriation of this disgraceful Pontificate.

Join the fight, and bring your own petrol canister and matches.

Let us show everyone – Catholic or not, believer or not – how angry we true Catholics are. 



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  1. Indeed his Papacy is crashing and burning, which it should be! My fear however is: If the man steps down or is removed, what happens next…..another CONCLAVE? Where someone like a Cardinal Parolin is elected? A 63 yr old much younger version of Bergoglio and a heck of a lot smarter than Bergoglio, but……………..every BIT AS EVIL? Yes, we want him gone, but look at the Bishop’s pool of degenerates we have to choose from for the next Pope. A not so very pretty picture. Like jumping from the frying pan right into the fire. The chances for a real Catholic to be elected are slim to none. He has really stacked the deck.

    • We can only hope that Francis is out of the picture soon and the good Lord helps us. I do not feel like wishing the man one day more of pontificate for fear of what might happen next.

  2. Welcome Catholic Herald, to what many of us have been saying lo these last four years, about when it became absolutely, positively, 100% obvious that this man was up to no good. Better late than never, but you’ve cost us time and aggravation. There are STILL apologists! This is somewhat excusable when it’s the rank and file, who are often out of it and waiting to be clued in on what’s going on in the secular and churchy realm. (so much easier to be told what to think than to go to all that trouble) But in the world of Catholic bloggists, journalists, writers, theologians, serious Catholics, et al, there is NO excuse, the list of his wrongdoings is just so long…with some real cappers of late, the Chinese Catholics, the Chilean Catholics. These two issues alone are enough, but throw in AL and other random apostasies, you’ve got yourself a candidate for the boot.
    I am writing a letter to my bishop asking for his removal.
    I am firming up plans to stand outside a convocation in the next state. I haven’t decided what my sign will be, I’m hoping for divine inspiration, but I’ll be there in time for all the local priests and bishops to see me. Come on fellow Catholics, get going! The Lord may ask you what you did when the church was under attack by Satan, what will you have to offer.

  3. What Catholic Herald fails to recognise is the most dramatic, and if five years are any indication, fifth option: Pope Francis received it and read it, only to LIE about never receiving it!

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