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Fake Blogs



As the Blogosphere is still infested by (increasingly irrelevant) fake Catholic blogs, I thought it wise to enrich my readers with a little guide to spotting the “c” site. Here it goes:

1. The “little things” blog. The publication in question is all smell of lavender and freshly-cleaned-laundry pretend-spirituality. The fresh air in the morning is the angels talking to you; the act of throwing out the garbage is a spiritual experience. Everything is good. There is no crisis in the Church. Just enjoy the sight of the sparrows.

2. The “Holy Spirit” blog. The writer eats a huge bowl of penne because the Holy Spirit has “guided” her to another mountain of carbs; therefore, it must be good and he who says otherwise is blasphemous, judgmental and pastaphobic. Whatever they do, it must be the Holy Spirit guiding them. There is no crisis in the Church. Actually, it will be “exciting” to see where the “Spirit” will lead Her.

3. The “everything is Catholic” blog. This type of blog is aimed at the promotion of everything that is wrong, under the pretence of something Catholic being found in it. From obscene TV series to pop singers, and from tattooes to drug use, everyone and everything teaches something valuable to someone. There's something deeply Catholic in Lou Reed, you know… Obviously there is no crisis in the Church, merely untapped possibilities.

4. The “middle of the way” blog. This is the “moderate” catholic blog managing to do everything wrong under the pretence of meaning well. Premarital sex is not a mortal sin, but an “immature choice” one should “openly discuss” with his children, and being “gay” is something that “invites” us to be “more welcoming” as we “reflect” on the Catholic “plan” for that person. It is as if the blogger drew a line in the sand and then positioned himself half a micron on the right side, lest people think they are rigid.

5. The “fake conservative blog”. This blog is written by someone who does not claim that there is no “issue” with the modern church, but wants you to know that the Traditionalist reaction is “bigoted” and “backwards”. We need to “engage”, and positions of “closure” do not lead anywhere. This blogger type will also throw around accusations of intolerance like they are confetti, normally not understanding the irony and implied contradiction.

If you think of your favourite bad “c”atholic blog you will find, methinks, one of more of these types reflected.

Then there are the good blogs. Which ones are they?

The intolerant, “homophobic” (read: Catholic) and “bigoted” ones. The ones of those who write that there is a crisis in the Church, that V II is at the root of it, and that everyone who tells you otherwise is gravely deluded, outright dumb, a covert enemy of the Church, a public sinner or a not-so-covert pervert.


The Catholic blogosphere explained in one blog post. A not one shade of inclusiveness.



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