“International Day Of Love”

Today is, as you all know, St Valentine's Day.

However, this obvious reference – albeit largely forgotten from the secular world – to Catholicism is clearly intolerable to the atheist, anti-Christian hordes now ravaging the West.

Therefore, St Valentine's Day is now (as heard twice on the radio) the International Day Of Love.

Can't wait for those evil people at the BBC to pick this up and give us another dose of soppy sentimentalism of the “gay marriage” type.

As I have often remarked, language shapes thinking. Those who want to subvert your thinking will first try to change your language: “gay” instead of “sodomite”, “dreamer” instead of “illegal”, “irregular family” instead of “concubinage”, and so on.

I'll stick to St Valentine's Day, thank you very much. May he pray for us in heaven.

And by the by, today is Ash Wednesday.

No mention of that on those radio channels.


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  1. In the states it’s still called Valentine’s Day, but with no saint in front of it. It’s ironic but the only time the media use the whole name is when they refer to the 1920’s gangland killing in Chicago as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. I can’t believe Britain calls it the international day of love, how absurd. If it was some Muslim holy day, no doubt they would get it right. Whatever. Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Mundabor!

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