There You Go Again! Florida Shooting Exposes The Liberal Hate For Freedoms

Massacre-stopper. Very beautiful to boot...

It's becoming repetitive. Every time there is a massacre in some place where the Libtards have decided to make people vulnerable, said Libtards blame sane, freedom-loving Americans for the dead.

They appear – being Libtards – unable to notice that these massacres almost always happen in so-called “gun free zones”. If you are bent on making a massacre, where will you execute it: in a place where everyone could have a concealed weapon and kill you on the spot, or in a place where you know you will be able to butcher people at your ease?


Try to explain it to Fauxcahontas or Nancy “Botox” Pelosi, though.

Still, my main argument for the second amendment is that the debate should never be about safety, because safety must never go at the expense of fundamental freedoms. The freedom – nay: the sacred duty – to protect yourself and those you love, and the freedom – yep: another sacred duty – to protect yourself from a tyrannical government would (cough) trump every consideration of alleged safety even if there were some merit in them, for which there is no evidence.

Granted, in Europe there are fewer of these massacres. But note this:

1. They happen anyway, with the difference that when Muslim terrorists enter a restaurant or a concert hall they can massacre everyone at ease, safe in the knowledge that the customers of the establishment will not be armed. How pleasant must it be, to be slowly butchered together with all other restaurant guests because you have decided that you will leave it to the police to try to save your life.

2. They happen even in schools, just like in the USA, as happened in extremely gun-controlled Germany in 2005. The bad guy will always get to guns and ammos. The good guys will be slaughtered like lambs. Welcome to gun control land (and yes, every “gun free zone” is gun control land).

3. Security bought at the price of freedom is never an argument. Actually, it is an argument in favour of a Nazi regime. A regime which disarmed their citizen at the very start, but also made the Country extremely safe. If this is the security you want, you must be a Libtard.

Another massacre, another day or two of inordinate Libtard screaming, and, I think, another defeat for gun control.

America has woken up, and it is becoming great again. I am confident that the American people will not buy the liberal rubbish about to be dished to them.

The march for this particular freedom is not, however, completed, and much is still to be accomplished. For example, every indiscriminate, generalised limitation to gun control like the existence of “gun free zones” not only endangers those who operate inside of them, but makes it far more difficult for normal citizen (say: a school teacher, or a student, or a student's parent travelling with public transport) to exercise their sacrosanct rights.

The madness of the second amendment debate is not the freedom it entails, but the attempt to limit it of the very, very illiberal, freedom-hating soi-disant “liberals”. The amendment does not invite for any sort of debate, and it is formulated in willingly brutal terms.

The debate comes exclusively from the enemies of freedom.




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  1. We live in a post-Christian culture, which glorifies violence, and our children are often being raised by people not their parents, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, or in foster situations. Many parents are absent, too busy drinking or taking drugs, continuing their adolescence, to actually raise their children. Kids are left to play extremely violent video “games” which allow them to hone their shooting skills and deaden their once-natural abhorrence of violence.
    Our kids are demonstrating the natural outcome of these realities, very high levels of anxiety and depression. Mental health supports for these kids is abysmal, and only when things have become so obviously off the rails there is no choice.
    Here’s a secret, teachers know who the weird kids are. There are even threats in schools like the one I heard recently, a student with very limited skills lost it and threatened to kill everyone. What happened? Nothing. I guarantee you this person was understood to be dangerous or playing with guns or posting weird things, and nobody did anything about it. The Newtown shooter was known to be a nut, and if you see his high school yearbook, anybody could tell by that photo he was insane. Teachers and administrators know who the scary kids are. But there are little to no mental health supports and facilities have been closed to “save money”.
    But the libs will use it to disarm us and then fill the nation with Islamic terrorists.
    It’s what libs do. They have a death wish they don’t recognize, and they won’t be happy until we all pay for it. Gun control, once started, will remove all guns in short order.

  2. As has often been said, it is not the gun, but the person who is holding the gun that is the problem. A gun never got up and shot anybody! The people of Nice, Munich, London etc. know that massacres can be committed with vehicles as well. Should we then ban vehicles?!

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