Haiti first. Then Philippines and Thailand in short succession. The abetting of paedophile monsters within Oxfam is already expanding with tragic, but welcome speed. Oportet ut scandala eveniant.

For those who might not be familiar with the organisation, Oxfam is basically a humanistic church allowing atheists to feel good with themselves. Hey, I'm an abortionist who does not believe in anything but his own convenience and pleasure, but to persuade myself that I am good I will donate some money to “the children in Africa”, unwittingly maintaining a monstrous army of scroungers living out of feel-good feelings. This obviously includes the young people you see in London and elsewhere, targeting the young and stupid blessedly unaware of how much of what they donate goes to feed the scroungers.

Turns out the scroungers are paedoabetters, too.

After the violence of the invective against the bimillenarian organisation of the Chuch, I now fully expect Oxfam to be utterly and completely disintegrated by this scandal. Nothing else is necessary to persuade us that the extremely violent attacks to the Church were due to sincere indignation rather than anti-Catholic animus.

Will it happen? I very much doubt it. Oxfam is that kind of rubbish perfectly in sync with the modern world.

They will do just fine, I reckon….



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  1. The ancient church had an army. Of those who chose celibacy and poverty, for the work of the LORD. In this fallen times, these are mocked or called worse: the hatred that David Livingstone or Theresa of Calcutta gets now is great.

    But Oxfam is not the worse sanctury for pedobears: that is probably UNICEF. Where they consider degradation a human right to be promoted, not a sin to be repented of.

    I’d rather give to Charitas or World Vision — though both are now converged too much. I would rather help people putting in drainage and plumbing, and helping put a roof on a new church.

    Linked back to here today.

    • World vision is another group of scroungers. When I live din Germany they sent out so many ads you would think they were Procter & Gamble. Beyond shameless, and utterly emotional crap. They cried out very loud when the government proposed that at least 75% of the donations really go to the intended recipients.
      I choose Aid To The Church In Need, or the excellent Verona Fathers when they come around. Seriously, there is no scarcity of people giving for worldly causes; therefore, if the tiny minority of Christians chooses to help the Church instead it can’t be bad.
      Caritas might work in a pinch, but I deem them too worldly and too “Catholic light”. Otherwise, direct donations to any good Catholic order or missionary group (you will have several local to you) will always do better than any money given to World Vision or frigging Oxfam.

  2. I’m glad you endorse Aid to the Church in Need. I’ve just started donating to them monthly. However, with the Chinese debacle I’ve inquired whether they will support Cardinal Zen and the underground Catholics. ACN has papal oversight, no? If they do not, and I don’t see how they could, it’s very tragic.

  3. I should clarify my above response—if ACN does not support Cardinal Zen it is very tragic.

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