Filth Beyond Belief: How Francis Nuked His Own Pontificate



The way FrancisChurch is unraveling under our eyes is, whilst depressing in consideration of the man’s obvious wickedness, still consoling in that, as often stated, oportet ut scandala eveniant.

This article  links three of Francis’ closest collaborators to a year long, relentless cover-up activity, and all three wear a red robe: Cardinal Maradiaga, Cardinal Errazuriz and Cardinal Ladaria. Astonishingly, Cardinal Ladaria is the new head of the CDF.

Read the article for the sordid details. 

Note that three out of these three men were promoted by Francis to position of higher responsibility in full knowledge of the polemics and accusations surrounding them.  This is, again, a behaviour that can be explained only if we assume that all three major components of Francis character were present in turbocharged fashion: 

  1. wickedness,
  2. arrogance, and
  3. stupidity

Even an extremely wicked and arrogant man would, if in possession of a modicum of intelligence, have known better than to surround himself with an entire line of smoking guns. Not so Francis, who – being stupid – actually proceeded to shoot himself in the black boots multiple times and even dared to factually dismantle and make impotent Benedict’s  effective reforms meant at countering clerical abuse. 

Again, this is the same unbearable insolence, the same unspeakable arrogance of the man who, asked about the “gay mafia”, mocked them asking them where this gay mafia would reside and whether they would wear an identification badge. His insolence and stupidity was already evident with such assertions; what surprises now is not their existence, but their scale. 

Make no mistake: Francis is never going to overcome this. The scandals will never leave him, and who knows what other smoking guns are about to emerge. His pontificate and his reputation are well and truly screwed among both Catholics (we knew that) and worldly people (this is a new development).

Francis has nuked his own Pontificate.      

Can’t say it’s very sad to see the atomic mushroom go up in the sky. 



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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    “A Consummation Devoutly To Be Wished,” as Hamlet declared.

  2. I wish I shared your optimism, you surely know more than I. I see no evidence of it. I see Catholics rolling along with the Francis train, totally oblivious. I see a man who is not dumb, but insolent, yes, full of hate for Catholicism, yes, and feeling invincible, and, as it turns out, he’s right, he is. He’s not stupid, he’s correct. He’s untouchable, he knows it, and therefore, he has carte blanche to do as he will, for as long as he will. “It’s fun to be pope!” he said at the beginning. We knew all that lying prostrate on the floor and the humility performance was a show. He’s not even the same ogre he was then, he’s morphed and grown, his ego swollen to a million times whatever he started out with. He is rightly called a monster. His hate for us has grown as well, it galls him that we are out here, how dare we, insignificant insects, to attempt to thwart HIS will. The Satanist motto is “Do what thy wilt”, and it is outrageous to him to imagine anyone standing in his way now, when he has ultimate POWER, what he had wanted for so long.
    This is why this week’s fist in the eye for us was the announcement of Paul VI as our next saint, and why, the man does the utterly incredible, he has announced himself and Benedict as “saints in waiting”. Even for egomaniacal narcissists, this is simply unbelievable.

    • When I speak of nuking I am not talking of his dethronement, but of the way his pontificate will be remembered.
      He will, I think, die a Pope; and either an atheist or possibly a satanist one, and therefore uncaring of how he is remembered.

  3. Francis is God’s judgement against a Church that has forsaken its First Love for power, wealth, political influence, secular prestige, intellectual fashion and institutional arrogance. Pope Leo XIII’s vision is far more terrifying than Catholics believe.

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