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The Romneyfication Of Donald Trump?

For the second time in the last month I have seen Trump courting – for more or less “too clever by half” reasons – the moderate left in the US.

His amnesty proposal may be a Machiavellian ruse to force the Democrats to expose themselves as the enemies of hard working, legally residing Americans. However, I note that several weeks after the proposal was made the 1.8 million potential amnesty beneficiaries are now a fixture of the political landscape, whilst the battering of the Dems in November remains uncertain – and might become impossible if Trump keeps playing the moderate -. Again, I understand the sophisticated chess game he is playing. Again, this might be one sophistication too much.

It has happened again yesterday, with Trump's move to direct Sessions to elaborate ways to ban devices allowing legal rifles to transform into “machine guns”. Everyone understands he means bump stocks, but even I know that bump stocks do not do that, as you still need to pull the trigger once for every bullet that you want to shoot, and I knew at seven that this does not make of a rifle a machine gun (note to younger readers: when I was a child there were a lot of movies and cartoons around with machine guns; by the second grade at the latest there were no uncertainties. Turns out we knew more at seven or eight than Trump at more than 70.)

Once again, Trump is courting the leftist moderate, trying to persuade them that he is not an ogre. This shows that the relentless invectives of the media are beginning to seriously influence him, making him move to the left to counter their narrative. Worse than that, he is adopting the language of the enemy.

This is wrong, and I do not see any chance of it succeeding. Trump polarises people, and the only results he will obtain is to alienate some of those who like him without gaining any of those who hate him anyway.

This is Romney-thinking, and whilst it may seem a reasonable approach at first sight Bob Dole, McCain, and Romney show that it does not work.

Trump is suffering the departure of Steve Bannon. He needs around him people who remind him of why he won and all the others lost.

This is not good.


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