Robbing The Poor To Give To The Thieves: Robin Hoodie At Work.

The Papal Foundation, a US charity helping the poor worldwide, has been the latest victim of Mao-Tse-Francis, who was found with his hands on its funds like the proverbial child with the proverbial cookie jar.

The details were – if we did not know what first-class scoundrel the man is – astonishing in their brazen arrogance. The Papal Foundation gives grants normally between $100k and $200k for worthy projects worldwide. Francis asked them for $25m (more than one tenth of their piggy bank) to give them to… an Italian hospital with a sordid recent past of corruption and assorted other criminal offence.

Again, it would be beyond belief if it would not involve Francis, a man who at this point could be suspected of pretty much everything under the sun without anyone saying “I'd never have thought it…”.

Francis robbed the poor to give to the thieves. He did it in pure South American dictator fashion: “give me the money and shut up, because I am the humble defender of the poor”. A common hoodie in a horrible London neighbourhood would behave with more class.

His wish was, initially, only mildly opposed and, predictably, the US Cardinals involved in the decision did not think it fitting to displease the Evil Clown. They aren't smart, because they must have known that this would, at some point, be leaked and cause a huge scandal. Which promptly happened.

This disgusting episode shows not only Francis' robber instincts, but also the cowardice of those – particularly the US Cardinals, starting from Wuehrl – who have been his willing, if allegedly grudging, accomplices in this. Shame on all of them, but particularly on Francis, daring to put his dirty old hands on money meant for the poor and giving them to a thieving, totally discredited organisation.

Once again, this goes to show that Francis has no moral dimension whatsoever. You are either in his team or you aren't. If you are, he will allow you to get away with financial malfeasance, homosexuality and paedophilia. If you aren't, he will crush you if he can and insult you if he can't.

This is another nail in the coffin of this pontificate, that will be remembered as a nightmare for centuries to come.

Please, Lord, let this scourge end soon.




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  1. I read that ALL of the US Cardinals and on the Board and approved the transfer of funds. Each of them should be publicly pestered about it until a satisfactory answer is provided.

    PF is funding the outcome on the next Conclave.

  2. The U.S. bishops are nothing but self-centered careerists. The system encourages and grooms such men by demanding blind deference from the laity and giving it to the Pope. They don’t have to be neo-Marxists, either. Absp. Chaput accused Supreme Court Justice Scalia of being a “cafeteria Catholic” on the level of Frances Kissling (founder and president of the pro-abortion Catholics For A Free Choice) for having the audacity to question John Paul II’s arbitrary revisionism concerning capital punishment for murder:

    Not for nothing did St. John Chrysostom say that the road to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

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