The German Church Is In Schism

The news is now everywhere. In what clearly amounts to a “German Schism” (very much redolent of the “Dutch Schism” of the Sixties) the German bishops have overwhelmingly voted for the desecration of the Holy Host and the rape of the Sacrament of Communion by allowing Protestants to (try to) receive communion.

Make no mistake: Paul VI had nothing more to oppose to the Dutch schismatics bishops than some faint meowing, but in the case of Francis not even that is to be expected.

This Schism follows the Amoris Laetitia pattern, according to which “in certain cases” sacrilege and scandal can be allowed. Discernment, concrete situations, all that satanic dog shit is present here, too. The fig leaves do not change the reality: this is a very official, if undeclared, schism, and if we had males as Cardinals and Bishops it should be treated as such. We have kitten, females and homos. Therefore, don't hold your breath.

In the Schismatic church of Germany, it is too much to ask that the Protestant spouse shuts the Francis up and either dies without pretending he/she can receive communion or converts to the Catholic Church. This is too difficult, see. It could cause cataclysms, global warming, a resurgence of the Nazi Party and, worst of all, a problem with the Kirchensteuer. Therefore, it is better to invent a new religion applicable to all the “special cases” we want (make no mistake: they will become the norm very soon; not that it matters anyway) in order to keep the paying customer satisfied.

Truly, Germany has become (again) the main source of all the shit now threatening to submerge Europe, both on the political and on the Catholic sphere.

By God's grace, my faith is strong. Therefore I know, I know for certain, that all the Saints and the Angels are looking at this disgrace, and that nothing of this will remain unpunished.

Nil inultum remanebit.

Think of this, you damn satanical Bishops, and shiver.

Or not, and then may God's just punishment incinerate you and make you suffer forever.



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  1. What have Latin America and Germany common?
    Two Protestant Female Ministers “Concelebrate” With Six Brazil Bishops –

  2. So very sad! I am so sorry ! Some of Hitler’s dna must have been left here and there. The country was never exorcised after Hitler’s reign, was it? I never read it. If so, excuse my ignorance.

  3. Basically, I think that this is the result of 50 years of ecumenism and Vatican II. The German Church, so happily accommodating the heresies of Luther, has in fact become Protestant. The same could be said about many of our Catholic parishes. Rather than defend and explain the true faith to our “separated brethren” they have adopted a banal, ever so friendly, middle of the road approach, that has resulted in the idea that we are all the same really. And, should we be surprised? When we see the pope embracing Lutheran “women Bishops”. When we witness Protestant bishops parading with Catholic bishops on the sanctuaries of the Catholic Church. When we witness the pope accepting a blessing from a heretical archbishop. And, when the majority have endured or accepted, a Protestant/Catholic, hybrid liturgy, we have to ask the question. What could we expect! Indeed, how will Catholics remain faithfully Catholic with this kind of constant treachery all around them?

  4. Amen. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  5. These Germans are only giving excuses for what they have been doing for a long time … and surpassing. See, for example, this «carnival mass» in Aachen, with dancers, acrobats, priest dressed as Heidi, homily advocating the elimination of celibacy and communion with the Lutheran pastor. All recorded and televised without any shame:

  6. As an American with German roots, I grieve for my ancestors who kept and passed on the faith despite heresy and persecution. No wonder St. John Chrysostom said the floor of hell is littered with bishops’ skulls.

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