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Heatwave Of Biblical Proportions In Rome Shows That Francis Was Right

Pope Francis The Humble has been warning us for years now of the dangers of Global Warming. How wise, how good of him!

Promptly, his predictions have come to pass, with a huge wave of heat now grilling Rome before March has even begun. It truly is atrocious.

I know, I know… Those like Pope Francis and the others who, like the readers of this forum, have been continuously warning about the impending Great Roasting should not bear the consequences of the criminal shortsightedness of other people. But this is why it is so important that we all follow the warning of Sweet Peter On Earth! If we lose, we all lose! If we roast, we all roast!!

This is, I am afraid, the result of too many in the West not wanting to hear the Inconvenient Truths that Al Gore and our own Humble Pontiff have been spreading for several years now! And we all, we all pay the price, guilty or innocent!

Temperatures of 40C in February have never been seen before. And this is only the beginning of more catastrophes to come! Oh, if we had listened to our Sweet Peter On Earth instead of being so stubborn and rigid and dogmatic!

Time to understand Francis is right and repent, you ossified mummies…


(P.S. I am informed the Russians are trying to spread pictures of Rome under the snow through their countless bots. Fakye news of course. Beware!!!).


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