Jennifer Lawrence, Or: Planet Dumbopia Starts To See Some Light

Jennifer Lawrence is now on record with saying that she found the way many Democrats treated Trump fans “disgusting”.

Now, let me help you put this in context.

Whilst you will keep seeing new films released with Jennifer Lawrence in it for a while – the product of older contracts signed some time ago – the woman has become so venomous that she had to announce a “break” from acting due to (though she will not say that) the extremely high degree of toxicity she has earned with her relentless Anti-Trump and anti-decency work. I even seem to remember, though I must say I do not really keep tab of what these people say, a violent attack on Christianity as a whole; something which, in the case that I remember correctly, Mssss Lawrence does not seem to find “disgusting” at all.

Be it as it may, here we are: with the woman now trying to get back into the big game and very obviously being told by agents and production houses that the general public finds her as attractive as a venereal disease, and a big investment in a production starring her very vocal bitchiness isn't really a smart move.

Hence – you already got it – the new, (cough) “moderate” Jennifer Lawrence, upon discovery that there is no way she can indulge in aggressive, offensive activism and enjoy a silver screen career at the same time.

Yours truly sees in this – beside the sudden realisation of an atomic bitch that people truly have enough of her – a sign of the times: Planet Dumbopia is slowly coming to the realisation that the Trump Presidency is here to stay, and America may be made Great Again well beyond the hoped-for eight years of Trump's two mandate. This makes rather imperative that they accept reality rather than keeping their finger in their ears as they obsessively cry “not my President”.

As to the young woman, I am afraid the game for her might well be up. After her excesses there is a very concrete possibility that she will now branded as Atomic Bitch forever, and no amount of back-pedalling will ever change that.

As Trump would say…




so sad!!



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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Well, she certainly has asked for it. I’m surprised someone had the sense to tell her to let up on her Trump attacks. Doesn’t bother me if it’s too later for her to reverse her hateful image.

  2. I’m so grateful I don’t even know who this person is, but I know the type, and Atomic bitch is a great description. Nobody who reads this column is likely a Mssss type, but just in case, I’m a woman, and I agree with you completely. But how dumb we have become, the reduction of cultural intelligence gets more pronounced every day. I mean, why do we have talking children as our political pundits each day. Children. Talking. To media. It’s insane.

  3. ilovevictoriasbows

    As stupid as most actors are (and the ones who don’t think I’m speaking of them are the stupidest), it would have been so easy to keep their mouths shut and project an air of insipid political agnosticism. Instead, they lose half of their audience. Stupid.

  4. It’s real grateful to live and witness the wondrous works of God thru POTUS Trump who has started second revolution, exposed and drained the swamp of all evil, corrupted, sexual perverted, traitorous elites in USA, the world and the Catholic Church. When Illuminati get defeated all evil in the Christ Church will be cleansed out. RCC hierarchical VIP have been revealed and disclosed as Satanic NWO’s agents. Love this Catholic God, an invincible one. Deo Gratias.

  5. The Oscars will take place here in the U.S. in about 30 hours as I write this. Expect another new ratings low for the program. Lots of these people — actors, producers, directors, superstar athletes, media figures, etc. — think they’re bulletproof. They’re in such massive denial and don’t know it.

    • Apparently Kimmel has just said he will not touch the Hollywood abuse scandal. However, I doubt he will refrain from attacking Trump.
      They behave like North Korean Communist party functionaries, then complain they are more and more disliked…

    • The idea of Hollywood as an annex of the North Korean Communist Party is not as far-fetched as anyone should think. Neo-Marxism is the effective world view of those in authority, whether they realize it or not. It has permeated the academy, popular culture, mass communications, the legal profession and (sadly) the leadership of what I call Industrialized Christianity, which includes the Roman Catholic Church.

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