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100 Years Of Drunkenness?

The dreaded news is among us again: new Cardinals and possibly a new Encyclical Letter coming. There is little doubt the new document will cause further division and schism (and there is no deterrent for Francis from doing so, seen that Amoris Laetitia caused no more than some extremely hypocritical meowing). There is even less doubt that the new appointments will further disfigure and ravage the Church.

Whilst we do not know when and in which way the Lord will put an end to this situation, every round of red hat appointments makes it reasonable to suppose that this crisis will get deeper, and will last for longer, than we hoped. Realistically, and bar some great surprise and gift from Up Above, the crisis will continue in this virulent form for many years.

Mind, I do not think that Francis’ successor will be as stupid as he is. What I truly fear is that we might be heading toward a Smart Heretic, one in the mould of Schoenborn; one, I mean to say, who will further Francis’ agenda without any of the latter’s boorishness, intemperance, and outright ignorance whilst being mindful at all times to project a reassuring, staid, “moderate” leadership (after Francis, even saying the Lord’s Prayer or genuflecting in front of the Blessed Sacrament will be considered “moderate” by the mainstream press) unavoidably perceived as solid, reassuring, “catholic” (small c). This would cause the disease to become more insidious as it remains just as virulent.

I wonder here if the Divine Plan has not already decreed a double whammy as a punishment for V II: fifty years of descent into madness, followed by 50 years of raving insanity, or which Francis is only Stage 1. If we consider what insolent rebellion to God Vatican II became, I would call even such a punishment merciful.

If this is the case – and I admit it is a very depressing case – what are we to do? Those who have followed this blog for some time already know the answer: we keep living in the true faith, and keep being determined to die in it. We should be determined to live (and to die) striving to be Catholic Water Lilies in the sea of mud that is the Vatican II Church, doing our best to collaborate with Grace and do our part in the salvation of the Elect, among whom we hope to be, one day, called ourselves.

Eternity is very, very long; and heresy is very, very stupid. How many decades this crisis will go on has no bearing, none whatsoever, on how we are supposed to react to it. In the end, my days are already counted and the day I will go to my judgment is already established, whether this crisis ends tomorrow or in 200 years. Similarly, the eternity awaiting me – hopefully on the right side of the fence – will not become shorter or longer because of Francis.

The crisis we are living is terrible. The thought of Francis making it worse with every Consistory is just as ugly. But all this pales in front of eternity, and this crisis gives us the opportunity to fight the good fight in the ways Providence has decided for us.

If you have not done it already, I suggest you prepare yourself for 45 more years of drunkenness.


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