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Francis And The Eradication Of V II

Let us try to find something, in a way, positive in what is happening in the Church.

Francis has brought things to a level where it is not possible anymore to deny the direct, unequivocal causal link between V II and the current madness. At this point, the game of deception played for several decades since the early Sixties is up.

Francis and his successors will try to let this deception go on for as long as they can; but year after year the link between FrancisChurch and V II will become more obvious. At that point, V II will be mortally wounded already.

When the Great Crisis ends, it will not end with a compromise. It will, more likely, end with the complete eradication of V II; a sort of giant purgation that will spare nothing of all the toxins of V II, leaving a purified Church body in its wake.

It must be this way. When a tooth starts to ache horribly you do not think about salvaging it in any way possible. You want it gone, you want it completely eradicated, and nothing else will suffice.

Before Francis, one might have thought that the Disease Of John XXIII would have continued in a subtle way for many decades, perhaps centuries; threatened by faithful extinction, but not by a revolt from within. The train wreck of this Pontificate makes another scenario more likely: death of FrancisChurch together with the Evil Clown (less likely with every new Consistory but, with God’s grace, always possible) or continuation of FrancisChurch amidst more and more opposition until the toxic V II is literally vomited out of the body of the Church.

You could say that I am being very long-term optimist here. You would be right.

Still, it will be a consolation, as I cook my dinner tonight, to think that one day this cancer will be extirpated whole, and its monstrous shape thrown away in a disgusting bin together with other heresies of the past, to be despised and ridiculed by countless generations of orthodox Catholics; many of them, very likely, almost unable to understand how the Church could reduce herself to such a state, as countless Tridentine Masses are again celebrated every day in beautiful, richly ornate, unapologetically Catholic churches, whilst the faithful attend reverently and receive in awe, on their knees, on the tongue.

May we all, dear readers, see them from above as they are kneeling, and may we thank the Lord for having given us the possibility of defending Catholicism, without wavering, in the darkest hour.


Your Church, No Matter What

The situation is, admittedly, dire. However, fleeing to a parallel reality is not the solution.

There is only one Church, and this is the deal we get. There is only one Pope (in charge, I mean) and that one is the guy we get.

The Church has gone through horrible crises and periods of extreme corruption before. This is clearly the worst crisis ever, but again we were never promised that we would never see a worse crisis than those the Church experienced in the past. Also, in the bimillenarian history of the Church there had never been a period of defiance of Church teaching from within. Is it so surprising that the subsequent Divine Punishment would affect the Church also from within?

This is still your Church. It is covered in mud, but below the thick strata of Vatican II dirt it is as resplendent as ever. We are all expected to stay faithful to her, no matter how thick the mud; because, like Padre Pio, we love the Church even if she kills us.

It is the lot given to us to live in a time of heresy. But the Church will never be that heresy. We refuse obedience to a heretical Pope in everything in which obedience is not due to him. But we do not break our link to Christ’s Church.

We do not decide who is Pope. We do not decide whether the Church exists. Much less we decide whether she “deserves us”.

We accept this dire situation as, at the same time, our lot and our task. We accept that we might not have the consolation, on our deathbed, of knowing that the once great crisis has been overcome. We prepare ourselves to die in fidelity to that resplendent Church lying below the thick strata of mud, and we keep giving our allegiance to it.

You did not give up your passport when Obama became president. You do not give up on the Church when the Pope is a damn atheist, heretical Commie.

Don’t be a “not my President”-type Catholic.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “it’s the only Church you have”.


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