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Jesus And Carrying Arms

There is no doubt a sword can kill one or two dozen people in a very short time. You lock yourself in a school class with 30 people and a sword, and you can butcher pretty much all of them, pulp fiction-style, before the police arrives to despatch you. In fact, you would need an awful lot of ammunition to obtain the same results. There is no doubt whatsoever that swords are suitable instruments for a massacre.

Still, it is clear from reading the Gospel that not only Jesus surrounded himself with “Second Amendment Guys”, but that he took care to have (if not all) several of them armed at any given time. I wonder what names Nancy Pelosi would have called him, and I can’t think of any complimentary one.

The reality of the life of the Apostles was one of every day carry. There is no way to ever deny it. Similarly, it is obvious to the most retarded enemy of freedom that all this concealed carrying happened with the knowledge and by the instruction of Our Lord.

Once again, notice this: It’s not that Our Lord wasn’t aware that – to say it in the stupid liberal way – “swords kill”. He knew of their tremendous efficacy for self-defence, which is exactly why the Apostles carried them.

Jesus and the Apostles were obviously in favour of carrying, and it is difficult to think that this carrying was not, on several occasions, open carrying as the Apostles needed to show potential aggressors that they would not hesitate in taking the life of any of them.

It is quite indicative of the times we are living that the leftists (some of them masquerading as Catholics) not only do not understand anything of freedom, but are unable to see the God-given right to self defence so obviously described in the Gospel.


Pope Francis And The Non Violent Jesus

Francis has given us another beautiful example of how – at the same time – dumb and ignorant he is.

Whilst talking about Jesus driving the merchants from the Temple, the Evil Clown made the point that Jesus did this in a non-violent manner, because of the guards present.

Lordy, this is so dumb one does not even know where to start.

First: the Gospel is very clear in showing Jesus slowly, deliberately forming a whip. This is clearly not a casual observation. On the contrary, it is there to show that the fury about to be unleashed is deliberate Divine Wrath, not a moment of rage like common people may have.

Second: if Francis had some knowledge of history he would know that those weren’t “sensitive” times, in which it suffices to politely ask to have everyone pack his stand and go away to have them meekly comply with your desire. Nor would even an omnipotent God choose to have the merchants go simply because they were asked: the message here is one of utter outrage, not polite observations.

Third: Catholic tradition has been univocally asserting that Jesus’ action was violent. Countless paintings (Caravaggio made a wonderful rendition of Our Lord’s Divine Fury) have tried to convey exactly that meaning. Once again this idiot, this ignorant boor, is trying to invent a new religion out of his ignorance and political correctness.

Fourth: heavens, Pope Sherlock: we are talking of God here. Do you think God forms a whip and then changes his plans because of some guards?

The casual way this cretin proceeds to try to remake Christianity every time he opens his mouth is quite a spectacle; like the Bearded Woman, or such like horrible attraction.

But then again this is the guy who thinks he can improve the Our Father.


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