Father Martin Goes Full Homo

Father Martin

In case you had any doubts about the inclinations and attitude of Father James Martin, Society Of Homos, this blog post should remove it fast.

Father Martin goes full all-wheel-drive, twin-turbo, twelve-cylinder sodomy here. The (always fake) pretence that the Church be “open” to sodomites becomes a clear, open call for sodomitic sex and even sodomitic “marriage”.

Has a worse priest than this disgusting individual ever existed? Possibly not.

Every day in which this minion of Satan is not defrocked is a shame for the Church.

I don’t know who the bishop in charge of him is, but I dread to think of what must go on in that depraved soul.



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  1. Jesuit. The “bishop in charge” is papa Fransisco.

  2. The picture at the top of the blog is apt. James Martin, SJ spreads depravity, disease, decay and soul death. So many young people caught in his web of deception. Let’s invoke a few Church’s pillars of male chastity—St Joseph, St Francis, St Thomas Aquinas pray for us. Our Lady of Victory, come to our aid. St Peter Damian, pray for us.

    • Yes. St. Peter Damian, pray for us and for James Martin, SJ. Many Catholics have accepted celibacy because their lives required it, and I somehow don’t hear a lot of crying and whining from that crowd. (What are they hoping for? Paradise or something?!)

  3. THE
    The beginning of Wisdom
    Is Fear of the Lord,
    So Wisdom with age?
    I’ve seen no accord.
    So you’ve lived many decades
    Seen the world more than twice.
    But what have you learned?
    That sinners are nice?
    That sinners eat
    And sinners drink
    And sinners read
    And sinners think!
    And sinners have
    Sincere desires
    Like remodeling rooms
    With art that inspires
    And compels one to lift
    His goblet of wine
    To toast all we want
    And make want what is mine!
    So all in the Jesuit
    Shall acknowledge their versions
    Of propriety
    Then when you die,
    They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets
    But they’ll realize too late…
    That your shroud has no pockets!

  4. The Superior General of the Jesuit order, Arturo Sosa. Who’s been quoted implying that the Gospel accounts may be inaccurate…

  5. All sodomites in the Church from the top to the bottom have been exposed. Thanks God for intervening. 2018 is a very interesting year of final cleansing.

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