Five Years Of Pope Jackass

Five Years tomorrow, and even the professional pessimists could hardly have imagined such an aggressively anti-Catholic Pontificate from one who is, hands down, the most disgraceful, heretical, clearly atheist, church-hater Pope in History.

However, the dominant trait of this Pontificate is, if you ask me, the stupidity of the man.

Atheist he may be. A Church-hater, too (Many Jesuits, possibly almost all of them, very probably are). Perhaps a closeted homo. Certainly a hard line socialist. But what remains, in my eyes, as the most dominant trait of this Pontificate is the explosive mixture of ignorance, arrogance and stupidity that became its mark from the start.

This (initially) shocking aspect of this Pontificate is also the most encouraging one for those who care for Catholicism.

Too arrogant to admit he is doing all wrong, too ignorant to grasp the historic resilience of Catholicism, and far too stupid to go about his work of destruction with any subtlety, Francis has long been the worst enemy of his War on Catholicism. Five Years later you must be a homo, a commie or an atheist to like him. Francis has “six-pound-note” written so large on his forehead, that he is now an embarrassment for the most hardened Pollyannas.

Five years of unspeakable arrogance, ignorance and stupidity later, the game is up. The sheep understand that this is a wolf, not a shepherd. Francis’ project has utterly and completely failed, in that he will “lead astray” only those who were determined to get lost anyway. No-one with some Catholic goodness in his heart will ever by deceived by this old, lewd nincompoop.

This is the only silver lining of the present situation: a jackass is, undoubtedly, Pope.

But at least all the world can see it.


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  1. Yes at least there’s that. To me his defining feature is his vengeance, the way he routs his detractors or potential detractors, the way he seems to enjoy humiliating men, like Cardinal Sarah, the way he relentlessly opens wounds and then pours salt in them. He’s enjoying all this, and that bespeaks a sick soul. “It’s fun to be pope!” he said. Yes he seems to really enjoy it.
    And what on earth was BXVI just talking about, giving this guy lauds. I don’t think we knew BXVI at all.

  2. My prayer everyday is for his conversion to the Catholic faith and that God bring him to his eternal reward….

  3. Agree 100%. And thank God that Frankie’s a jackass. Thank God.

  4. told with aplomb and panache!

  5. Nicholas Mitchell

    I cannot pray for this thing or see its portrait or hear its name.

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