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Benedict Goes Full FrancisHeresy

I have written a couple of times about the betrayal of Pope Benedict; a betrayal that cannot in any way be justified with senility or naivete, but is to be explained with the gregarious nature and V II worship of a man never known for being a leader of armies.

Pope Benedict has now really touched the bottom of his rather tragic existence, and one wonders how the chances of this one stand to avoid a very deep pit in hell. No, it does not matter at this point how much one used to like him. No, it does not matter that he still makes on one a better impression than the Evil Clown. Benedict has chosen to be an accomplice of Francis. May he repent or pay the price of his insolence.

I can’t wait, now, for the excuse factory: the letter is fake, he does not know, they have closed him in the bathroom, they have told him to drink more beer, they have given him 11 books of orthodox theologians and they have told him they explain Francis theology, and so on.


The man must either denounce the letter as a fake, or accept the responsibility for it. Tertium non datur.

This is very, very sad, but then isn’t new. On at least other two occasions he had done the same. This is no coincidence, and unless he denounces the letter it is also no fake news. It does not even matter whether he has really written it. Unless he condemns it, he owns it.

The man has just lost the faith, and hd does what so many Germans do so instinctively: follow the herd.

There can be no excuses. He bears full responsibility for this (renewed) betrayal of Catholicism. He is just further evidence that V II is rotten to the core, and there is nothing in it that can or should be saved. Incinerate all of it, say I, together with the memory of all its Popes – yes, the Not-So-great too – and without forgetting Benedict.

What happened today isn’t really new. It’s merely more help given by God to understand what unspeakably evil, saranical machine V II is.


The Age Of “Me”: First Names

When I was in Kindergarten and grade school, there was no one who did not have a common first name. In fact, first names were, by their very definition, common. They were generally names of saints, or names with a reference to Christianity. They were also, very obviously, the name given to the child on occasion of a ceremony (and Sacrament) called Baptism. None of them was unique to the person.

The rapid de-Christianisation of the European Continent did not fail to show its pervert effects on this, too. Whilst a common name with a Christian root is a link to many others like us, showing our belonging to a common Christian body, the wonderful snowflakes of the Age of Me need a name reflecting their own unique awesomeness, which will results in concoctions that would have been considered hilariously stupid in every age past, but which no one dares to say one word against now.

This, also, because many of these children are, nowadays, the sons of “single mothers” (that is to say, and I am sorry for them but facts are facts, bastards), with no father around telling the young woman to stop emoting already because the child will have to live with that infamy of name all his life; a fact made worse by the circumstance that being single mothers they will be inclined to make their own morality and religion; which, in turn, means that the child will not be baptised; which, again, will remove another obstacle to a young boy being called LeBron, or DeShawn, or Pale Moon, or even something making no sense at all to a normal person.

Hilariously, these children will grow up with names no one knows how to pronounce and nobody can remember, with the result that, as adults, they will have to repeat countless times the exact pronunciation and spelling of their names, lest their Unique Awesomeness be offended. Plus, they will have to repeat all their life that say, ahuatacua is an old Inca word meaning “luminous summer morning without a cloud in sight”. But they are Wonderful Snowflakes, so they will probably not resent the effort.

If you grew in a Christian environment you immediately perceive, at some level, that those names are… unchristian, because they go against the Christian traditions of the West. But when those cases become endemic you know that Christianity is rapidly going under all over the West, leaving a thin varnish at the best. The decision to call your child Jedi, or Sandokan, or Catnip already shows how little you value Christianity, and a couple of questions will generally reveal that your Christianity is very strange indeed.

All this will be less apparent, perhaps, in Countries where this phenomenon started one generation earlier. But for everyone who grew up in a Country where everyone was given normal names it is shockingly obvious evidence of the devil at work.


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