Benedict Goes Full FrancisHeresy

I have written a couple of times about the betrayal of Pope Benedict; a betrayal that cannot in any way be justified with senility or naivete, but is to be explained with the gregarious nature and V II worship of a man never known for being a leader of armies.

Pope Benedict has now really touched the bottom of his rather tragic existence, and one wonders how the chances of this one stand to avoid a very deep pit in hell. No, it does not matter at this point how much one used to like him. No, it does not matter that he still makes on one a better impression than the Evil Clown. Benedict has chosen to be an accomplice of Francis. May he repent or pay the price of his insolence.

I can’t wait, now, for the excuse factory: the letter is fake, he does not know, they have closed him in the bathroom, they have told him to drink more beer, they have given him 11 books of orthodox theologians and they have told him they explain Francis theology, and so on.


The man must either denounce the letter as a fake, or accept the responsibility for it. Tertium non datur.

This is very, very sad, but then isn’t new. On at least other two occasions he had done the same. This is no coincidence, and unless he denounces the letter it is also no fake news. It does not even matter whether he has really written it. Unless he condemns it, he owns it.

The man has just lost the faith, and hd does what so many Germans do so instinctively: follow the herd.

There can be no excuses. He bears full responsibility for this (renewed) betrayal of Catholicism. He is just further evidence that V II is rotten to the core, and there is nothing in it that can or should be saved. Incinerate all of it, say I, together with the memory of all its Popes – yes, the Not-So-great too – and without forgetting Benedict.

What happened today isn’t really new. It’s merely more help given by God to understand what unspeakably evil, saranical machine V II is.


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  1. Minor or major chastisement? Kinda thinkin’ major.

  2. Benedict is in prision.

  3. I’ve come to the heart-wrenching realization that Benedict sold the sheep down the river out of some kind of misplaced fear.

    • Clarification: Perhaps Benedict feared schism, going along with the Evil Clown as you say, M., like the good German. How tragic.

  4. He didn’t have time to read the 11 little books, yet declares a state of continuity exists between himself and Pope Bergoglio. I wonder how he found out.

    • Oh that’s very simple. We also know Francis is a bloody heretic without reading the books. Benedict has simply followed 5 years of heresy and gas decided that he is fine with it.

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