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Atheism And “Lurv”

Among the many platitudes heard today about the death of the Atheist National Glory, Stephen Hawking, there was a diabetes-inducing statement from him I heard on the radio, maintaining somethjng along the lines that the world is a good place because in it there are the people we love, or such like cheesy stuff. Alas, no text, but I am sure if you duck duck go around you will find the exact words after a while.

As so often, atheists do not grasp their own lack of basic logical thinking.

If there is a God (as we know there is) love between humans is a pale reflection and a derivate of God’s love for us. But obviously, this tiny love can only be understood in the light of the greater one. We know that we love each other with what is nothing but a sparkle of a divine fire, and it is exactly this divine fire that gives to our love – even only the human one – its dignity, beauty and meaning and, at the same time, allows us to fathom God’s love for us in a very imperfect way.

If there is no God, however, all this changes. If there is no God, “love” cannot but be a reproduction mechanism used by our DNA, who runs us all and dominates the planet, in order to maximise its probability of survival. The atheist man, who prides himself of his rationality, must see that in his perspectivdvall his feelings are merely a trick, a joke played by his chromosomes on him to fool him into doing all sort of things and undergo all sorts of sacrifices so that they – the chromosomes- may get their way. Also, the same rational man must understand that there is, in this mechanism, no difference between a man dying for his fatherland and a termite dying for its own termite house; nor is there any special meaning in a mother sacrificing herself for her children, something every hen does without a second thought out of pure animal spirit.

If there is (absurdly) no God, everything is an immense, cruel, senseless joke without rhyme or reason, dominated purely by the same survival mechanisms that rule the behaviour of insects and spiders, and ending in complete annihilation after, hopefully, doing the bidding of the Master Of The Universe, DNA. Our “lurv” is, then, nothing more than the same mechanism at work in the spider and the hen, and more sophisticated merely because, being more intelligent than hens, we need to be tricked into reproduction by our DNA in a more sophisticated way. And everything, from the Troubadours to the Dolce Stil Novo, from Dante and Petrarca to Manzoni and Leopardi, is just that: the way sophisticated intellects keep themselves occupied so that they keep doing, hoping, aspiring, loving, laughing, crying and, at the end, reproducing instead of doing the only rational thing that should be done in such an (absurd) circumstance: refuse to obey the cruel cycle of short , meaningless existence for the sake of our DNA and dispose of ourselves in a painless way, choosing the nothingness that awaits us anyway without all the stupid activities born of a huge deception.

Astonishingly, atheists do not seem to get this simple logic, and even atheists who are reputed intelligent prefer to deceive themselves about this – if, absurdly enough, there is no God – giant deception called “love”.

The giant, satanical deception is, obviously, atheism. But atheists don’t recognise this, because they are too busy with the religion of themselves.


Mr Hawking Meets His Maker

I have never been interested in atheists ‘ speculations and researches about the beginning of the world, as all I need to know that is really important concerning this I have been taught as a child. Some others might find the subject interesting. However, as Christians they are also aware that if science wants to persuade you of something contrary to Church teaching it is bogus science.

What I am more concerned for is how Christian the world is and thinks. There is no doubt that Mr Hawking was an enemy of God, and this is what concerns me today.

One’s more or less permanent merits in the field of research utterly pale and disappear completely in comparison to the Last Four Things. It is extremely probable that Mr Hawking carried his enmity with God straight to his grave. If he did so, his life was an utter failure and an infinite tragedy. If he repented in His last moments, his repentance has more value that an entire life collecting scientific prizes and accolades. In both cases, a peasant’s simple faith is infinitely more worthy than the scientific hypotheses of an atheist. The modern world struggles to understand this, because the modern world has lost contact with the ultimate Reality, God, and goes around chasing ghosts.

I have said my eternal rest for the poor bugger; but – bar an exceptional Grace for which there is no sign up to now – there is very little doubt that he is now in hell, surrounded by angry demons as angry at him as he I angry at everyone.

Stephen Hawking’s death should be a cautionary tale. Today, it will become an atheist fest.

I invite all Christian bloggers to consider writing, on this day, about the Four Last Things Mr Hawking has just faced, so that some words of wisdom may counteract the atheist cacophony we will hear today.

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