Benedict’s Tragedy

So let us think the Benedict Conspiracy to its end.

The man is 91, but he is afraid of being killed.

Or, the man is 91, but he is more afraid of his reputation than of his salvation.

Or, the man is 91, but he thinks that protecting the Church from some sexual scandal is more important than letting her drift on the path of sacrilege and heresy.

All three hypotheses (and the Benedict Conspiracy revolves around variations of those) make of Benedict not only a very dumb man (all three) but also a very self-centred and actually pretty vain one.

All of them, also, go against what the man has kept saying from 2013: that he abdicated of his own accord and without pressure, that Francis is a great guy, and that there is continuity between his Pontificate and Francis’. Therefore, the Conspiracy Theorists also say that Benedict is a big, big liar.

The truth is, in fact, pretty easy to detect if only one looks at the facts.

Yes, Benedict abdicated of his own volition. Yes, he naively thought his predecessor would be one in his mould, setting an agenda of V II mild heresy compared to Francis’ antics. No, he did not expect the wreckage that came later or he would have conducted his Pontificate in the same way. Yes, to Benedict V II comes before orthodoxy; and yes, to Benedict not rocking the boat is more important than his eternal salvation, of which he has also, in pure Francis style, stated he is pretty sure anyway. And yes, yes, yes: the man is a follower, a water carrier, an order taker. There is nothing in him, nor was it ever, of the great, or even mediocre, leader of men.

This is the tragedy of this life explained in a blog post. A fitting punishment for A man who, since the Early Sixties, has thought that there could be a form of acceptable “heresy light”, and has always remained of his opinion; obeying to the wolves whenever told to, and trying to do thing a bit in his own way, every now and then, when he was at the top. But even then he never was a leader, and together with Summorum Pontificum he gave us a number of horrid episcopal and cardinalatian appointments.

What a weak, tragic life.

And he keeps working a it, and at his own likely damnation, at the ripe age of 91.


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  1. Yes, all true.

  2. I’m thinking Benedict would have done all that Francis is doing. He just didn’t have the stomach to pull it off. He got out of the way to make way for the Destroyer. I believe Hilary White is right, we should just take him at his word. He says he’s fine with it all, and so he is. We have all put ourselves into convolutions trying to face anything but the truth these past five years. Denial over. It’s true, we have no Grampa pope to yearn for, but we never had him in the first place! We’re like sad children of rotten parents, no matter how bad they are the kids idolize them and wish they would return.
    Tonight I hear the Polish bishops are ready to cave to AL.
    It’s all over but the cryin.

  3. I usually enjoy when I find I am wrong , and have the opportunity to retract.
    The letter WAS a fake.
    The Vatican, that is Francis, manipulated from the beginning, thrice
    1) was confidential and made it public.
    2)An inconvinient paragraph was read , but kept out for “artistic” reasons.
    3) The was a another paragraph that was completely vanished.
    4)Benedict had no chance to say a word about this mess, an he is 91, 91 !
    I Insist, Benedict is in a prision, under a situation you an me Ignore.
    I am sure he has and had strong defects, was quite progressive in the past, then less, but is a different , very different Bishop and Pope.
    There is a tragedy with him, of course.
    He is not courageous enough as Bishop Fellay and almost all bishops are not, and THAT DO NOT HELP.

    • No, the letter was not fake at all. It was merely published in jnvomlkete form. True to form, Benedict has not recanted one word of appreciation for Francis.
      You need to stop dreaming and face reality.

  4. ilovevictoriasbows

    I’ve always thought that they had something on Benedict. Cameras, cameras, everywhere. Whenever the next Catholic pope is elected, he should have his residence electronically swept weekly and put ankle bracelets on your personal secretary, aides and housekeepers.

  5. I did not mean here to say Benedict was “so bad”, it’s just that, things were not as good as we once thought.

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