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Unintended Consequences, or: CNN Writes About Religion.

The beautiful statements of Father Edward Staniek, a brave Polish priest who publicly wished that Francis converts to Catholicism or dies in the state of grace (showing a Catholic heart both towards the sheep and the enemy shepherd) has been picked up by the CNN.

Predictably, CNN uses the information to imply with his readers how very bad the priest is, and informing us that his bishop has condemned his words. The piece is, as everything with the CNN, left -leaning.

As I read, with no little amusement, the leftist journo piece, I could not avoid thinking of the “Trump effect”. The man the media could not stay away from slandering ended up profiting from the pulpit his enemies unwittingly gave him, thinking in their liberal madness that their audience would abhor the man rather than, in many cases, embrace him.

The very same phenomenon must be at work when the CNN publishes his little hack-piece against Father Staniek. Little they know, the poor libtards, that very many of those who read the piece will stop one short moment and immediately realise, whatever their religious persuasion, what an obscene Pope this guy must be.

A Pope making world headlines because orthodox priests wish him six feet under is a Pope that redefines the very concept of “failure”, propelling himself into the stratosphere of catastrophe and ensuring for himself an ignominy so stubborn that it may well go on until Judgment Day, whenever that is.

In fact, it is not improbable that such an atomic jackass will be remembered with horror by the entire Christian world when even cruel bastards like Stalin, Mao and Hitler are already forgotten by all but history buffs and students. Many have been the genocidal bastards already forgotten by history. But an astonishingly heretical Pope is stuff for the millennia.

CNN is working for us. Every criticism of the modern madness is working for us. Every time such an article is written, some people start to open their eyes and see reality for what it is.

Keep libtard-ing, CNN.

We will use you to Make Catholicism Great Again.


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