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Toys R Us Aborts Itself

Toys R Us has now announced the business is definitively going to close down and put an end to its miserable existence.

We, the happy few still keeping our sanity in this Age of Madness, welcome the news and wish all other companies like Toys R Us the same destiny.

A company for many years at the forefront of aggressive liberal social engineering, Toys R Us had officially stopped donating to Planned Parenthood some years ago, possibly – you know yours truly is a cynical chap – as the business sky started to show some rather dark clouds, and the libtards activism was becoming increasingly more risky. However, they kept directing donations to organisations supporting Planned Parenthood, because libtards will be libtards.

It is a tragically amusing indication of the mad times we live in, that a company selling toys would promote and finance the killing and shrinking of its ultimate client base. It’s a bit like Starbucks promoting a ban on coffee, or General Motors advocating the end of private car transport. By this level of stupidity, it is no surprise that more mistakes were made, and that ultimately the company ended up six feet under.

The end of Toys R Us should be a cautionary tale for the likes of Target, Starbucks, Walgreens, and all the others who think they can indulge in their activist fantasies at the expense of their shareholders. As the markets become more dynamic and established brands are more in danger of being harmed by disrupting new competitors, it becomes more important to avoid being on boycott lists of sane, pro-life organisations influencing the buying decisions of millions.

Employees also have something to learn from this. Given the choice, do you really want to work for a company that is endangering itself with its stupid social activism? I don’t mean here necessarily the high-turnover temps or low skilled workforce, but the management levels and all those who relied on this company to pay the mortgage and are now facing an uncertain search for jobs that don’t grow up on trees, or might be forced to move their families to a new location.

Truly, Toys R Us has aborted himself.

Frankly, this is the kind of abortion I like.

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