Benedictolatry After Benedict’s Death



I am thinking what will happen to all those practicing Benedictolatry after the man goes to his judgment.

I can think of the following:

  1. They declare that Benedict is still alive, but has been shipped to some village in Eastern Bavaria, near the Czech Border, with instructions to his jailers to never let him see the light again.
  2. They declare that Benedict is still alive, and is happily drinking beer in Kloster Andechs (as every German knows, they brew wonderful beers over there…). However, he has decided to let the world believe that he is dead for the greater good of the Church.
  3. They declare that Benedict is still alive, but is being kept prisoner in a coffin.

Discussion and further hypotheses welcome.

As to me, I am a simple guy and my take is very simple:

  1. Benedict has resigned. Francis is Pope. Benedict said as much.
  2. He kept title and white cassock because he did not want to be called a Celestine V.
  3. he will be called a Benedict XVI. Which, history will say, is much worse.


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  1. Maybe they’ll have a “Weekend at Bennie’s”?

  2. Ref #2:

    He retained his Title, White Cassock …. and also his Vatican residence and contemplative munus.

    In regards to that “munus”, which is clearly the most important facet of the Papal Office:

    “[Pope] Benedict did not intend to renounce the munus petrinus, nor the office, or the duties, i.e. which Christ Himself attributed to the Head of the Apostles [Peter] and which has been passed on to his successors. The Pope intended to renounce only the ministerium, which is the exercise and concrete administration of that office.” – Vittorio Messori

    Retention of the munus petrinus is the key issue for me. That assertion of fact has never been adequately explained. Ignored. Accepted. Never explained.

    For someone who resigned, he clearly retained most of what he was.

    • Messori is fantasizing.
      Once Benedict states that Francis is the Pope, every way in which he describes what he still is is clearly nothing to do with being the Pope.
      Benedict knows very well the Italian institution (and, I think, not only Italian) of the professor emeritus. He is not a professor anymore because he is not exercising the job. But he has the title of emeritus to show up that he has not formally “lost his job”, as the honor is conferred for life. Whilst it was probably inappropriate for him to choose this comparison, there can be no doubt he wanted another to be Pope.

  3. I have to side with you on this one. Either Bergoglio is the pope or the Sedes are right, and I can’t get myself to that latter point.
    This hurts me to say: Benedict the Betrayer.

  4. Do you know the old joke about what “emeritus” means? The “E-” means that you were fired, and the “-meritus” means you bloody well deserved it.

  5. The same thing that happened to the Siri-is-really-Pope people when he died?

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