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Francis promotes Faithful Catholics To “Mafiosi”

Oh, the irony!

The Pope who, first after the middle Ages and Renaissance, uses methods of open intimidation and condones – nay: promotes – corruption is the one who dares to call us “mafiosi”. 

If you think that Francis is not actually calling faithful Catholics like that, you haven’t been attention in the last five years. Francis uses his many public utterances for the relentless smearing and insulting of all those who criticise him.

In the latest months this has obviously included a wider public than us – as the guy has managed to even be implicated in the cover-up of the responsibility of bishops abetting paedophilia -, but generally, it is fair to say that we remain his first and favourite shooting target. 

As is often the case, Francis forgets in today’s rant what he has said yesterday. Only some days ago he was waxing lyrical effeminate about this strange god who just can’t avoid forgiving everything to us no matter what our sins; but those who are today’s  targets of Francis’ bile will “end badly”, which can only be a reference to the lack of said forgiveness, i.e.: hell. The old, lewd guy is clearly looking for new ways to insult us, and he has now escalated to “mafiosi”, probably because he felt that way on the day. I consider it a promotion, and an insult to wear with honest pride (the good, not the perverted or the presumptuous one). To be called a “mafioso” by Lewd Francis is like to be called “deplorable” by Crooked Hillary. 

Francis lives in a contradiction-indifferent space. He does not show any interest today in what he has said yesterday. He does not seem to understand that after the age of, say, seven, a boy is expected to show some coherence in what he says. He seems to see the Vatican as a huge pram, out of which he can throw toys with almost daily frequency in the presence of journalists. 

I make an easy predictions: many mafiosi, even among those who are in hell, will suffer less than this disgraceful caricature of a Pope if he does not repent. 

And I will not even call him “pope mafioso”. The man is such dirt that it would almost look like a compliment. 

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One of the assertions that leave one most speechless is the strange idea according to which when things are dirty they cannot be cleaned because… they are dirty.

“How can Pope Francis get rid of the homosexual clergy? There are so many of them!”, some people say. If there were any truth in such statements, nothing would even improve and nothing would be ever done to remedy wrong situations. In this perspective wrong situations can’t be righted, because they’re wrong. Another of my favourite ones is “How can Pope Francis get rid of the homosexual clergy? They do not go around saying they are homosexual!”. Ah, blessed ignorance! Terrorists didn’t go around saying they’re terrorist, either, and the mafia being extremely secretive hasn’t prevented countless mafiosi to be put in jail.

I answer to this that when there’s a will there’s a way, and in my experience a rotten situation…

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