Faints Echoes Of Meowing Pussycats


Non-Italian Cardinal


There is an article on Antonio Socci’s blog that got me thinking. The article was published yesterday, April Fools’ Day, and when I read it I thought of an April’s fish; particularly for the use of the Italian adjective, “farlocco”, normally a jocose way of saying “fake”, or “pretty dumb”, and would have caused a smile after the announcement of the “fish”. 

However, I write this on the afternoon of the 2nd, and the post is still up there with no “Fish” whatsoever.

The article is long and smart, but the part that interests me is Socci’s assertion that a non-Italian Cardinal got very angry, contacted other Cardinals, then contacted the Pope and, also on behalf of those other Cardinals, let him know that his statements exposed him to the danger of being deposed.

This would be, if confirmed, quite the bomb. However, yours truly observes the following:

  1. What kind of Cardinals are those who ran to the phones for a quotation in an atheist newspaper, but do nothing for an entire encyclical signed by the Pope? It seems unlikely that the Cowardinals would shut up (even the four, after some meowing) following the official proclamation of an alternative morality, but would be suddenly up in arms for the quotation of a 94 years old in an atheist newspaper. Unless…
  2. Unless even Cowardinals are humans, and some of them might even believe in God, and be afraid for their eternal destiny; hence this short outburst of reason; which, by the way, was put to rest when the Vatican denied not even that Francis might believe in heresies, but merely that he would say so openly to a journalist. Still…
  3. … the perhaps most interesting fact is in the rumor itself: this is a Pope who might have been called by a Cardinal more or less kindly threatening him with deposition, and the facts makes headlines, and no one finds it absurd or the fruit of fantasies. This Pontificate is so discredited that rumors of threats of deposition are seen, whether true or not,  as perfectly realistic. 

How the humble have fallen!






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  1. That last observation is so spot on.

  2. How the fake humble have fallen.
    Yeah this stuff can go on and on. Maybe it’s even part of the fun. I think they’re having a gay old time there in Rome, and not just that kind. As he said at the beginning “It’s fun to be pope!”.
    I don’t hold out even a molecule of hope he would be deposed by the group of kittens. I no longer even hold out hope for a singular kitten of extraordinary integrity.
    Until a Cardinal or a bishop states his name with the word apostate or heretic, what difference does it make. Even then, what difference. Only God can or will take him out.

    • Kathleen , once again I echo your statement. It is a shame to admit it but there it is: we have not one cardinal or bishop to publically say the ‘A’ word or the ‘H’ word aloud. Yet I still wait for ‘the other shoe to drop’. I come home from work to see if there is anything positive brewing. One day there may be.
      Thank you, M, for your voice of clarity in a world of noise.

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