The Companion To Yesterday’s April Fools’ Day’s Post.



First of all let me say this: it was great fun. It was a nice way to add to the joy and general merriment of the greatest feast known to Catholicism: Easter. I would obviously have refrained from this is April 1 had fallen on a Good Friday. But as it was, it was quite a good occasion to have a laugh and draw a lesson or two. 

The post had to be shocking, but it could not be too obvious; therefore, I had to strike a balance between shocking surprise and utter impossibility. I also wanted to throw some bait in the mix, and see how my readers would react. If you enjoyed the fun yesterday, I hope you will enjoying reading this. If you didn’t, you need to lighten up and look at the calendar more often. In any way, I think I have thrown so much sugar in this that any reader had at least the possibility to stop and reflect.  

There were many clues to yesterday April’s Fool.   Let us see them one by one.

1. The sugary picture. 

Come on, folks. Such senseless, effeminate nonsense is really not like me. It’s the kind of rubbish you find on your average one-world-cretin’s Instagram or Facebook page. I am pretty sure many of you spotted the fishy post at first sight. 

2. The violent husband. 

It has come to my attention that in this country, every middle-aged woman seeking a new man to take care of her children and ageing ass always had a violent husband. Yep, no exceptions, at least not in my experience. I see this not only in the female colleagues who suddenly talk to you about their violent ex husbands, but also in the male colleagues now in a relationship with a woman who has divorced… a violent husband. The latter tend to belong to that type of guy who seems to have  “FOOL ME” written in capital letters on their good- hearted foreheads. Then there are those middle-aged women who, on knowing I am single, try to bait the fairly attractive, fairly manly, exotic-talking Italian red fish with the sob story of the … you get it.

There evidently is, in my estimation, an epidemic of domestic violence in this rather civilised country, possibly due to strange substances in the tap water. It’s just astonishing. Or perhaps this is the way dumb men are lured into adultery and fornication with ageing, manipulative bitches. One of the two, anyway.

3. The Possible “Annulment Play” 

I have left the door ajar on this, because I wanted to see how many would suggest the “Catholic Divorce”. I am proud to say that almost nobody did, which is a great testament to the sensus catholicus of the readers of this little effort.

No, folks. It’s “for better or for worse”. If your husband becomes an alcoholic, then you have an alcoholic as a husband. To try to delude yourself that perhaps you never wanted to marry the guy and hope that the referee gives you an easy way out (which will require you to, pretty much invariably, lie; to yourself first, and to others after that) is not a solution. I hope reader “Billy Chickens”, to my knowledge a new commenter, is not a Catholic. Either way, I suggest he stays very near to this blog. 

4. The “perspective of my heart” 

This one was, actually, huge. This blog lives and breathes out of the basic concept that truth is unchangeable, and that compared to that my feelings, my “perspective”, my “discernment” and all other circmstances (aren’t the children adorable? The little, trusting creatures? Do you want to make them…. cry? C.r.y.? C-R-Y??!!) simply disappear into nothingness. I have, here, introduced the “concrete circumstances of the case” and baited my readers to a process of “discernment”. Most of you, dear commenters, have refused to take the bait; actually, it appears the thing did not even cross the mind of many of you.

You made me proud. Catholicism lives in this place, all right.

5.  “When they’re near me, it’s so delicious. They’re the answer to my wishes”.

Tsk, tsk… 

Not musically inclined?  A pity…

Still, I think some of you might have had something whistling in their ears….


6. “Love is God”

This was, my dears, the very big clue; or, rather, the nuclear bomb I charitably threw in the mix in order to avoid the one or other of you having a heart attack. It was also my last way to let you look at the damn calendar! 

“Love is God” must be the most atrocious, satanical lie ever devised. It is also a staple in “inclusive”, Presbyterian-style “churches” for lesbians and sodomites. It is purest nonsense. It is completely incompatible not only with Christianity, but with every form of organised religion. It is a licence to create a completely bespoke, diabetes-inducing religion of “feelings” whose only rule can only be the complete absence of any rule. If, my dear reader, you were still taking the bait after reading “Love is God”, kindly don’t blame it on me.. 😉 


In general, I can say this: that the known commenters have reacted in a properly Catholic way, whilst the questionable answers have generally come from readers I did not remember and were, possibly, not at all acquainted with the, erm, rather assertive  nature of this blog (subtitle: “Catholicism Without Compromise”). 

But it was fun and it was, I think, instructive when read with this “companion”. 

Let us soldier on, my dear fellow warrior ants. 

We are not the kind of people who fall for the sob story, and the lie of “discernment”. 




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  1. Mundabor, you certainly gave us cause for mirth (in fact, in my case, so much laughter that it took me a very long time to calm down!) and for that we thank you. It was much needed.
    God bless you!

  2. It was edifying to read the earnest replies which explained passionately, succinctly, and charitably, on the grave jeopardy in which you were placing your soul. Indeed, there are many clear thinking Catholics out there, thanks be to God.

    Oakes Spalding’s “but is she cute”? was a howler. Leave it to Oakes…

  3. Mundabor for next pope!
    Or… at least,…
    Next pope as Mundabor!
    Either way…

    Please dear God, as soon as possible.

  4. Your April Fool’s experiment brings into focus even more clearly the reeking putrefaction of that “Love Letter to Satan” (as it is called by Mr Verrecchio), Amoris Laetitia.

  5. Dear Mundabor I clocked it was April 01 ( April fools day) yesterday. But I still had an unease on reading your blog and was hoping you were having us on. I felt ‘kicked in the stomach’ yesterday on reading your blog and thought whaaaat? I thought it distasteful to play that joke on Easter Sunday, of all days, if you were having us on (even if it fell on April fools day) -mindful that we can all fall.

    We are all made from the clay of Adam and Satan could have got you by your Achilles heel. It did cross my mind that you have done a lot of good to help save souls on your blog and Satan was not happy with you. I awoke early this morning and prayed a Pater, Ave and Gloria for you – hoping it was a hoax but knowing it could happen to you, to me to anyone. St Catherine of Sienna told us to always remain in the cell of self knowledge. Menomale era una hoax!
    Keep up the great blogging for Christ.

  6. Don’t want to brag but I immediately knew it was an April fools joke. Because if people were paying attention to your posts as I have been for a couple of years they would know that this was NOT the Mundabor we have all got to know and respect.

  7. Gee, Mundabor, April Fool’s to you too. I am a Catholic (convert) and right up there on Canon212 with you – almost every time I write an article it’s there, however signed by my real name, not “BC”.

    Italian was once my second language (lived in Padova, went to school there and Venice) and I suppose I’m just not Catholic enough? Or something? Why would you think I was not a Catholic? I’m curious. case you didn’t pick up on it, my comment/letter was a joke in response to yours. I knew your post was a joke from your second paragraph on to the end, although I should have known from the first 5 words of the first paragraph.

    • I think you might not be a catholic because your answer truly seemed of the kind that would have helped me to go to hell… happy to be informed it was all a joke… it truly sounded like the answer a proddie who has read two things about Francis would have given to me… not saying you fell for it hook, line and sinker though…

  8. I wasn’t fooled yesterday but I can’t prove it because I couldn’t log into WordPress. You could never be such a fool/ass.

    I am appalled at the number of commenters who recommended seeking nullity of her marriage. Don’t they know what fools and asses run the tribunals today who believe grounds and evidence that everyone has.

    Furthermore, even the Rota, where despairing Respondents used to go before Francis to get a fair judgment, has one of the lowest of creeps, Msgr. Pietro Amenta, whose computer has child pornography on it.

    I am appalled at the canon lawyers who think every man is violent. They must not be admitted to canon law school unless they assure the deans that they were pink pansies who were bullied on the playground.

  9. John Wetherell

    Dear Mundabor, It was an excellent April Fool! Wishing you a happy and holy Easter. John Wetherell.

  10. As a newcomer to this forum, while I arrived at the conclusion that it was it was indeed an April Fools joke, I have also experienced–and I am sure that I am not alone in this–people of whom I felt reasonably confident of their sanity suddenly and unexpectedly saying and doing crazy things, often because of their perception of “love.” Therefore I appended to the statement “April Fools!” in my post the anxious question “Right?” I think that you should seriously consider that your “plausible scenario” could have scandalized and offended the “weaker” of your “brethren.” Not everyone gets a joke, but that does not mean that there is something wrong with them. The fact that some who didn’t get the joke were concerned enough about your welfare to be tempted into entertaining the condoning of sins against the bonds of matrimony on your behalf makes the overall success of the joke hardly worth the effort. I’m sorry, but for such a wide and diverse readership, the joke simply wasn’t in good taste.

    • Many thanks, Brucknerfan (nice moniker by the way).
      This being my blog, I will decide for myself what goes and what not. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you have noticed that the fear of offensive delicate sensibilities is not one of my priorities.
      Yes, it was worth the effort.
      No, it did not have to be read.

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