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Bigotry Begets Suicide


Francisco Goya, “Casa de Locos”

The lunacy of many leftists activists was, yesterday, exemplified by the Vegan “animal rights” activist who went into YouTube offices and wounded four people before killing herself.

Waiting for details, but it is likely that no one of the fairies in the Youtube office was armed. Therefore, this one here could have been another massacre, because of the sheer absence of the “good guy with a gun” before the police shows up. In this case, the massacre was avoided. But raise his hand who wants to wait for the police whilst there is someone in the office shooting around.

The woman shows, from what can be understood up to now, all the signs of mental imbalance of your average leftist bigot out there. She wants pig to live, she does not care if humans (including herself) die. She also wants to make a living on Youtube, which, as I understand, not so many manage, particularly when your specialty is vegan food and other activities for, typically, angry women ignored by men. The idea that Youtube may discriminate against, of all things, a female vegan enemy of the U.S> Marines is quite funny.

And anger was strong in this one. Living in California, complaining against “discrimination”, marrying all sort of leftists causes (the one with the U.S. Marine corps is almost funny) and being not-very-successful professionally (see screenshot: $0.10 for one month of viewings), I am not very surprised that she ended up killing herself in a bout of feminist rage. One wonders if California is not breeding a small army of these homicidal nutcases, because the law of probability tells us that in a state where this kind of derangement has become socially acceptable there must be a lot of biatches like this one, going around and waiting to make, perhaps, a massacre.

Please let the female have your Eternal rest, if only for the sake of her poor guardian angel.

One thing we can say for sure.

Pigs are very, very sad today.


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