Are these the priests of today?


This priest died suddenly in the Vatican. 29 years old.

Eternal rest, and all that.

But this is not the reason for this blog post.

Good Lord, what a fairy!

Are these the priests of today?

I’d say not. These are probably the priests of today who ends up in the Vatican.

Yes, I am being judgmental.

Yes, I don’t care that he has just died.

As long as we have priests like this guy, we will continue to tank.


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  1. Truth be told, I’ve meet another or even traddy priest who look and sound like poofs. It’s the whole smells and bells thing that attracts these homos

  2. Natural causes they say. I say overdose. God bless you M.

  3. AMEN

  4. This is the first post of yours that I have to disagree with, mainly because the media has historically been inaccurate and biased. They rarely report on them, without derogatory adjectives such as “ultra conservative’ and the list is endless and with no first hand knowledge of the excellence of this Congregation. None And yet these holy men quietly persevere with great joy, through all the bashing without ever striking back because they are bringing souls to Christ and they remember what our Lord said; “Offer no insult to injury.” God has and continues to bless them with wonderful manly!, manly !, manly !!!! vocations!!!!
    The LCs have a seminary in Rome with a long tradition of serving some of the papal Masses along with many other seminarians in Rome. Brother Anthony was chosen to carry the cross at the Easter Mass because he was very tall. I knew this dear young faithful and manly orthodox seminarian. The Legionaries who have persevered for the love of Church and Christ and souls midst a barrage of crosses from left and right alike are to be highly commended. They call themselves the Legionaries for a reason and while they go about bringing souls to Christ and the Church which they love, they hold and teach only the orthodox faith and base much on their spiritual exercises on St Ignatius. The media drops negatives and knows not any of the real truth and glorious practices and formation that make these faithful men – holy men. I am blessed and proud to know them. They bring much quiet hope in their work and as wonderful examples of religious priests.
    Love you Mundabor and hope someone who knows the inside scoop on these priests can change your mind.

    • Still sounds like a damn fairy, Judith.
      You are well advised to mistrust (and I mean *mistrust* everyone who sounds like that.
      Female sin cassock can’t be holy.

  5. I am sorry to agree with you. He may well have been straight, which is actually worse, because it gives the impression that you have the Fr. James Martin variety, or those such as this fellow: those are the (c)atholic choices for so many people 30 and younger, who might easily believe the Church is for such men.
    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.

  6. That young male was actually a LC seminarian and according to two Spanish Catholic websites he was going to be ordained a deacon this year. R.I.P.

  7. ilovevictoriasbows

    “I want to connect with you.” Not with me, pal. Try the truck stop.

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