Francis Is The Enemy Of The Church. And He Is The Pope.

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Let me say my two words about the situation we are in, and the conclusion we must, logically, reach for ourselves.

I agree: Francis hates the Church.

I agree: Francis is a heretical Pope.

I agree: the crisis we are living in unprecedented.

Does this, then, un-Pope the Pope?


Things are what they are. We can’t create a parallel world because we don’t like the situation we are in. This would be just as naive as going around crying “not my President” after Trump’s victory. Trump is the President all right. Francis is the Pope all right. There is not even even an alternative pretendent not gone out of a cartoon.

If Pope Francis were to come out as a pedophile and celebrate black masses he would still be the reigning Pope pending his death or deposition, exactly in the same way as the heretical Honorius was still…

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