Cowardinal Burke Manages To Put Himself On The Spotlight Again, Still Refuses To Do His Job


Cowardinal Burke strikes again.

With absolutely no sense of shame after he has refused to follow through with the Dubia, an initiative of which he was the undoubted front man, Burke has the insolence to complain again about Pope Francis as if he were a quisque de populo rather than a Prince of the Church, and actually evading the obvious elephant in the room, the question about his sustained inability to whistle after wetting his lips, in a very public way and amid worldwide cheers.

Every interview with this individual should have no other question than this one: when is the man going to proceed to the solemn and public correction of the Pope, now made clearly unavoidable by his absence of any answer to the Dubia?

Cowardinal Burke is a fair weather “conservative” always ready to make himself beautiful in interviews, and unable to fight the good fight whenever it may cost him something more than the mild inconvenience of having to move his office from this or that utterly splendid palace. And what grates me most is that is does not even have the dignity and decency of, at least, being a Cowardinal in silence, like many of his colleagues. No, this one wants your applause whilst he avoids doing his job.

The Dubia were posed in September 2016. Heavens, that’s more than one and a half year ago! Two of the Cardinals have managed to die of old age (and may the Lord have mercy on them!) before finding the guts to act. This one here keeps meowing, but it’s clear that he has no intention of acting whatsoever, either. 

Most infuriatingly of all, Cowardinal Burke keeps repeating that it is right to criticise the Pope, even publicly, for the good of the Church and to avoid confusing the faithful. And what he keeps saying that it is right and the thing to do he keeps not doing!! It’s unreal!

Cowardinal Burke is trying to be a hero on the cheap.

He blabbers, you applaud, everything is fine.It’s not going to change.

God forbid, he were to lose another splendid office.


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  1. I really have to agree with you here! He’s all talk, no action. I don’t expect anything different this time.

  2. Roderick Halvorsen

    It is indeed bizarre.
    Clearly he is getting all sorts of bothered by Bergoglio, but what he calls “intolerable” he by definition is tolerating, and on the issue of correcting the pope, he actually seems to be telling lay people it’s THEIR job to do it!
    Reminds me of seeing a mess of broken spaghetti sauce jars on isle 9 and walking by a janitor who hands me the mop and tells me to get to it.
    All of this is surreal; sardonically comical, in that Burke has made such a big deal about how he steadfastly is NOT going to lead a rebellion against the pope yet by calling for the faithful to rise up he is doing just that.
    I could be wrong, but I don’t think this seeding of anarchy offers the Church a viable solution.

  3. I started to believe people who said “You think you know him, but he will never issue any correction.” They said he was most certainly not a traditionalist, but a devoted VII guy.
    It does take a certain audacity to encourage the thing you won’t yourself do. I guess he’s counting on Catholics not paying attention.
    We get it, none of the Cardinals or bishops care enough to defend Christ, Catholicism, natural law, or the poor beleaguered sheep. Not a one.

    • Kathleen, Cardinal Burke was quite the “man” when he went after a parish’s funds as the Archbishop of St. Louis. Burke is the typical bully/coward: He will intimidate those who are below him but will cower in the face of those above him.

    • I must agree with this.
      Strong with the weak, weak with the strong.
      But hey, he loves the Cappa Magna.

  4. Quite obsessed with Burke, which is not perfect but….
    What about Bishop Fellay and the 99,9 percent of the other 5000 cowardshops?

    • What is your problem with the SSPX? Their criticism of Francis is polite but extremely hard. As to the other bishops, I think one who plays hero and then does nothing much worse than them.

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