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On the blog “Southern Orders” there was the usual exchange of comments about the Novus Ordo on occasion of the latest scandal (yours truly reported), when the usual Comment Sissy showed up (nickname: “anonymous”; you never know which “anonymous” is “anonymous”) and said the critics of the Novus Ordo were uncharitable, un-this, and un-that. There had been no vitriolic comments, merely a very mild sarcasm.

A good soul, nickname “Templar” (nice one, by the way) intervened with the following words:

I grew up in New York, the Priests from my parish lived exactly 7 doors down from me and our interaction with them was daily and very personal. They were mostly Irish and Italian, most cussed like sailors (refraining only from taking the Lord’s name), used acerbic wit to cut down many a sinner, and wouldn’t back down from a fight if it came to it.

Good Bye good men.

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  1. Every Christian soul, with essentially well-formed mind, should be sensitive to three elementary things. And that, well in this order:
    (With the notion that the word “sensible” have a lot better meaning.)
    1. To be sensitive to the truth
    2. To be sensitive to the lie
    3. To be sensitive to the sensitivity of others
    Number 3, is and must always be the last one in sequence, because the sensitivity of others can be, and often is, false!
    Without that others themselves, which often is so, are aware of it (at all).
    In case the others, themselves are not sensitive to the truth, neither to the lie, then the sensitivity of well-formed mind to their sensitivity is nothing more than absurdity.
    In such a case, of this kind of absurdity of a well-formed mind, that behavior is called a weakness, which inevitably results in cowardice. While in the case of one well-formed mind of a Christian soul it’s the same, and even worse and more dangerous,- cowardice & lukewarmness.

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