“Gaudete Et Exsultate”: What To Do?

The latest papal Apostolic Excrementation is about to be inflicted on us, and I wonder what the best attitude towards it might be. It is not reasonable to hope that, for once, Francis let Catholics do their work and limited himself to signing the document; I also doubt whether, if this were his intention, he would be able to even recognise and select Catholic writers. So, what to do?

First option would be to simply ignore the thing, and focus instead on sustained fire against the Evil Clown’s almost daily heresies. This would have the advantage of contributing to the fast descent of this, no doubt, atrocious document into the rubbish bin of papal history.

The alternative would be to focus on the document itself for a few days, as I did for Amoris Laetitiae. However, AL gave a completely new meaning to the word “excrement”, such that ignoring it would have been not only impossible, but counterproductive.

One feels the temptation to just ignore the man’s statements, hoping that this would result in the damage being reduced. But the simple fact it, the damage caused by such a Pope as Francis is too big to be ignored.

No, I will have to delve into the huge landfill that is Francis’ mind and reemerge, smelling of sheep, to tell the world out there what abominable stinks emanates from everything this man does.

After which, I will reward myself with something edifying from the Popes of the past, like the beautiful Casti Connubii.

And whilst I do so I will dream, Everly Brothers Style, of a Catholic Pope.


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  1. Had to stop reading after paragraph 30. Poop Francis has outdone his Marxist self.

  2. Pray the Rosary. I have been praying the Rosary every single day since I came back to the Catholic Church in March 2017. I have not missed a day. I am praying for the Church – for us (the laity) and for our clergy (they are under attack by the forces of evil). Our Lady will never abandon us. She hears all of our prayers.

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