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This Shock Papacy Demands A Shock Reaction: On The Matter Of Blog Communication.



I keep reading, here and there, exhortations to criticise Francis in a gentle way. I would like to say a word here in defence of myself and of the growing number of  bloggers who don’t.

I have never criticised Benedict in any way even remotely as harsh as I do with Francis. With all his faults, in Benedict I have seen a Pope like the world expects to see. Therefore, the normal rules concerning the criticism of the Pope applied.

Francis’ one is, however, no normal Papacy. He has, himself, blown away every rule concerning the way a Pope should think, speak and behave. It is, therefore, very fitting that the reaction to such an assault on Catholicism be countered in a way that matches the assault: with unprecedented harshness. If you nuke the Church, expect to be nuked by those who love Her.

Those who, like me, call the man various names (none of which libelous, because all of them very accurate), like “idiot”, “ass”, “boor”, “cretin”, and the like, are merely describing a state of fact, and are alerting their readership about the dangers of, actually, not seeing the facts on the ground because of the reverence due to the office. It is fitting – nay: it is necessary – that simple faithful from the pews open the eyes of other faithful in the pews in a candid and determined way. Be your yeah, yeah. There is no time in which this is more necessary then when countering this satanical individual.

Nor can I (and most others, I am sure) be accused of being prejudiced against the man. This blog archives all my posts, and a bar on the right hand side allows you to search old posts by month. Feel free to search my old posts from March 2013 and onward, and see how slow I was in introducing my readers to vocabulary including “Evil Clown”, “ass”, and the like.

No Pope is a porcelain doll, and this one here is rather made of another material. The respect for the Papacy cannot prevent a blogger from stating the facts about the man who, more than anyone else in history, has insulted the office.

Then there is the obvious matter of elementary sensus catholicus. What kind of Catholic, I wonder, is the one whose blood does not boil at reading and listening Francis continuously insult the Holy Trinity, Christ, the Blessed Virgin, the Saints, and everything Christianity stands for? Is politeness, to you, more important than Christ? Truly, sometimes I have the impression that to many out there politeness, like Democracy, has become a fake religion underlying the true one, and whose rules must be followed first.

Granted, not everyone can express himself in the same way we pewsitters do. A priest running a blog, a professor at some theological faculty in his public utterings, or a journalist writing for a big newspaper or magazine are simply factually not allowed to express themselves in the way we do. But this makes it the more important that we, the simple pewsitters, who do not have to answer to an editor or a bishop, do what they cannot do and, very probably, say what they themselves think. 

You have a very imperfect knowledge of how the world goes if you think that the implosion and utter loss of face of this Pontificate is due primarily to the polite disagreements of scholars and the soft criticism of this or that blogger priest. This is simply not how the Internet, or communications in general, works.

Francis has lost face because we, the Catholic people, have started saying it like it is, without the filters of the traditional mass communication media. We have just demolished his narrative. In time, this explosion of popular discontent became impossible to ignore for those very magazines and newspapers who had tried to insist on the usual, sugarcoated, ultimately fake representation of the situation on the ground. We, not they, have always represented the situation on the ground, and our scandal and outrage could freely express itself through the Internet. Paul VI was politely criticised for fifteen years by the same journalists and scholars and (rare) bishops, and his papacy got away with all his antics with nothing more than a couple of scratches. This time is different. We, the people, have a sensus catholicus much better than that.

It has happened to Catholics what has happened to Trump supporters: they have emerged as a powerful, vocal force for change exactly because they have refused to bow to the usual rules of polite non-communication. And they have been picked up by the traditional media when it has become impossible to ignore them any longer.

Francis makes my blood, and the blood of many of us, boil. Not because of personal animosity against the man (he has never spitted me in the face, or tried to touch me inappropriately), but because of what he is doing to Christ and His Church. I will not be silent, and I will not sugarcoat the scandal the man is creating. 

Let him who thinks that being polite to the Pope comes before saying things as they sadly are stay away from this blog, and from the many others which choose to expose the satanical energy emanating from this Papacy in the same way. They will have to click away a lot, and will discover that they have closed themselves in a bubble of politeness that is, ultimately, a fantasy world compared to the very real outrage this pontificate is causing.

My yeah will be yeah.

Francis is a heretical, ignorant, lewd, socialist old boor whose ignorance is only surpassed by his arrogance. The sooner he dies, the better it is, and we should all pray for his painless death and his substitution for a Catholic Pope. 





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