Enviro-nutcase Burns Himself To Death, Causing Great Pollution.

Some time ago an enviro nut case in California committed a strange enviro-activist-protest attack and suicide, and I remember wondering how many of those nutcases were going around in California.

Turns out New York does not want to be left behind, with a lawyer (apparently a prominent figure in the demonic realm of so-called “gay rights”, which also prompt me to wonder whether environ-mentalism was the only trouble of this guy) choosing to suffer a horrible, public death by burning himself in a Brooklyn park.

Firstly, let us say that the probability of such a guy avoiding hell is so microscopic, and the way of his death so offensive to Christians, that I will not even say an eternal rest for this idiot. The Lord’s will be done. That’s why there is a hell after all.

Let us also reflect on the mental processes of these people: this guy was so dumb that he did not even realise that his stupid, selfish, satan-inspired act would actually help normal people understand what kind of nutcases we are dealing with here. And by the bye, his horrible suicide actually caused a lot of pollution. I hope he had the decency to at least offset the CO2 (forget all the other poisonous gases and substances) before burning his useless self to death in an impressive staging of the very hell awaiting him.

Thirdly, this one was no lone wolf, but a professionally functioning person inserted in a working environment. It’s like watching those documentaries about Nazism, and wondering how otherwise normal people could have such selective derangement. This is what brainwashing does to otherwise sane people. Satan at work. Disquieting.

I am now awaiting more news, because the stink of homosexuality is strong in this one, and the way of choosing such a painful, self-inflicted death reminds me of other self-loathing, world-loathing, Christ-loathing homos putting an end to their sad existence in a most atrocious manner.

“Show me a happy homosexual and I will show you a gay corpse”, pretty much says one of Tom Wolfe’s characters in “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. Even atheists like Wolfe, if they are perceptive, get the gist of the homosexual world.

This sad nutcase might, or might not, have been a homo. But he certainly was a professional bleeding heart so far away from God as Obama is from Trump.

His death goes to show, in the most brutal of ways, what happens when we forget God and become the high priests of our own religion.


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  1. Mate, I don’t link to my site a lot, but (a) since we both noted this sad man’s demise and damnation and (b) I had a student ask me about the suicide rates for gays today — I did a bit of reading.
    It is high, and it stenches. Of sulphur.

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