No, Emanuele. If Your Father Died In His Atheism He Is Most Surely In Hell


Here, Francis is seen preparing the next catechism lesson.

We are truly living in the age of the delicate violet. 

It is as if any notion of manliness had gone away together with the last vestiges of Christianity. 

Truth is now taboo. Being sensitive violets is all that counts, and this obligation to poisonous sensitivity at the expense of Faith encompasses everyone and everything. Even children, who are in the age when truths is most easily absorbed and imprints itself most clearly in our consciousness, must not be spared. No, their faith must be perverted at a very young age, courtesy of the Evil Clown. 

It is not difficult to say to a young orphan that if his atheist father died in his atheism he is most certainly in hell. It is an “if”, not a “when”. It preserves the faith – for the good of the child second, and of the Faith first – and encourages him to pray, as every Christian should, for the soul of his father; in the hope that one day he might discover that his father did not, in fact, die in his atheism. 

What was done to this child is cruel. He was inoculated with the germ of atheism, and the Pope himself was the one with the syringe. What unbelievable rubbish, what atheist nonsense, what negation of Christ for the sake of… what? Of not making a child cry? Poppycock. For the sake of spreading atheism among all Catholics. Then if Francis is right, Jesus is a liar, Christianity does not make any sense, and Christ died on the Cross for those who deny and insult Him to the last, like the evil robber on the Cross.

What a nasty piece of work this man is. His hatred for everything Christian has now become totally unhinged. It is as if he wanted to show us that the more we criticise him, the more heresy he will spread, just because he can. 

Besides, this comes from a man who has just released an Apostolic Excrementation going on and on about the evil of Pelagianism, but is obviously too thick to understand that to maintain that a man goes to heaven without faith, simply because he is “a good man”, is as Pelagian as a heretic can be. 

Every hen loves her little ones. Stalin loved his daughter. Goebbels loved his family. But human love without faith does not merit heaven, then he who rejects Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life cannot claim acceptance by Him because of lesser, and utterly natural, and by the way God-given, good traits in his character. Works without faith do not save.

This unhinged, evil man must be exposed for what he is: an atheist subversive only interested in showing to the liberal and atheist crowds, whose approval he craves, that he is one of them. 

Die soon, Francis, and may the Lord have mercy on you. Though for some reason I have the impression that your pit will be the deepest in hell. 


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  1. Daniel P. Furey

    All staged. This child’s question. The question concerning the unbaptized. All staged to push the “new and improved ” truths. The truths that our grandparents in those “ancient times” with their “limited conceptual resources” (mentioned in the latest exhortation) failed to grasp.

  2. Poor little kid. He gets a creepy hug and nothing but lies. Blessed were we who were taught by holy priests who kept their hands to themselves and preached death, judgment, heaven and hell. May they rest in peace. They did the work of God.

  3. Ok I take a different tact.
    I would not tell a child their beloved deceased parent is in hell. To inflict that on a hurting child at that age is harsh. This is not how I would answer a child IF the child asked that question, and I have serious doubt this child asked that question on his own. Consider the amazing timing. And look, they have found a way to make believers squirm over telling a little boy his father is in hell.
    “See? See how it is far more merciful to tell the child his father is good and in heaven? See how GREY the concrete circumstances are? And how much more merciful I am, than you are…”. The child looked as if he were forced. “I can’t do it..I can’t do it…”, this is what he said, as if there were an expectation.

    I would have deflected the question by giving the child as much reassurance as I could.
    What is wrong with instructing the child that God loves us so very much, and surely He knew all about his daddy and how much he loved his children and took care of them. We must trust in God at all times and God knows where we belong. This was an opportunity to console a hurting child.
    This baby is about six years old. He will be happy with that answer, and it gives him as much information as he can possibly comprehend at the moment.

    • I knew of hell when I was four. I was not informed, I was *terrified* with it.
      If I save my soul those early terror are, very probably, what made it.
      Children are not only intelligent enough, but they are in that age in which they are most receptive to truth.
      And your answer is good, but if I were that child I would still keep posing the question….

  4. Stalin did not love his children. His daughter finally fled to America (she married Frank Lloyd Wright). When is son was captured by the Germans during WWII, and they sent him the message that his son was a prisoner of war, Stalin responded “I have no son.”

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