The Truth About Sodomy (Graphic!)

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“We shouldn’t obsess about homosexuality!”

Via the always interesting (even if not always agreed with) Barnhardt blog, a shocking story about the real world of sodomy; courtesy of Joseph Sciambra, a former sodomite willing to expose the astonishingly sordid world of those people whom the world calls, utterly madly, “gay”.  

Some preliminary considerations are in order. Whilst I do not doubt Mr Sciambra’s good faith and sincere repentance, I must warn my readers that they are not reading an orthodox Catholic. The word “gay” is used profusely – not in the sense of the dictionary -, and the subtext of the story is an attempt of explanation of “what made him do it” which has only one answer: Satan. Whilst Mr Sciambra reaches the same conclusion in the end as also showed by his comments and other writings, do not expect the same clarity of thinking and writing you find…

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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Thanks for posting. is the foremost group opposing the homosexual agenda.
    Joseph Sciambra is sincere but still influenced by his homosexual past. His book’s cover–“Original painting by Domenico Beccafumi, titled “St. Michael”–is an example of “homo” art to me:


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