Facebook, Twitter, And Google Need To Be Broken Up.

facebook racists


This is the last episode of many in which conservative voices have been silenced by the progressive media.  

Like Diamond and Silk, Mark Dice is expressing perfectly legitimate opinions in a perfectly reasonable way. But exactly this is the problem for the Nazis running Twitter, Youtube and Facebook: if you have ideas I don’t like, you must be excluded from the public discourse. 

It is high time the US legislators (I have no hope that anything may happen in Europe) realise the threat to our freedoms emanating from these organisations, which are quasi-monopolies (and factual monopolies) in the space in which they operate. They must be broken up just in the same way as past monopolies. They are infinitely more dangerous than any monopoly of the past because they do not impact merely the way you spend, but the way you think and the way you vote. 

We can’t allow these companies to lord over one global platform each. There must be enough choices for the consumer to choose his own vehicle or social expression, and there must be legislation protecting the freedoms of the citizen when they enter such spaces; then Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, and actually the entire platform on which they operate, cannot be seen as “private spaces”, but as a public domain in which the freedoms of the individual cannot be infringed.

I hope that president Trump realises this soon and become the promoter of effective legislative action, making of this a constant issue in the public arena until the electors force their representatives to act.

Break them up. If we don’t act now, this could be the nightmare of the next decade or, perhaps, generation. 

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  1. Totally agree. Monopolies were once keenly avoided. Intuitively we should all know that if there is only one entity, they have full and total control and power, and can use it for good or ill. Walmart is very popular, and many, many Mom and Pop stores, locally owned, have gone under because they simply can’t compete with Walmart for goods and prices.
    But if Walmart is the only store around, those prices are going to skyrocket, and whatever the quality of goods is now, it will decline. You’ll take what you can get and be happy with it.
    Social media is far more pervasive and dangerous. We exchange knowledge and ideas. We can’t have monopolies dictating what knowledge and ideas we can share, shutting down the ones they disagree with. I’m with you, I hope President Trump acts.

  2. Equal opportunity under the law. That not just a bedrock American principle, it is an essential human right.
    This moral-political discrimination has its source in the philosophy behind “Hate Crimes”; or more accurately “Thought Crimes”. 1st Amendment freedom of thought, belief, speech is restricted at the discretion of a ruling class’s preference. “Improper” thought, out of alignment with the ruling class, is punished until uniformity is one day achieved. The Brave New World.
    I agree with you that public company restrictions on individual thought and behavior need to be punished most severely as a fundamental threat to our basic God-given freedoms and also our 1 A rights as American citizens. This cancerous threat to individual liberty and private conscience is spreading in our nation and throughout the “West”. Private thought and behavior is being regulated through law and social media restrictions.
    American government has the primary duty of ensuring “equal opportunity under the law”. Break up the monopolies. Fine them. Use their monopoly revenue streams to seed competition.

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